Financial Aid Policy for domestic students


The Financial Aid Policy, Policy LR10, was created to ensure that UBC is financially accessible to all domestic students and that domestic students are not prevented from starting or continuing their studies for financial reasons.

It is your responsibility to  follow the steps to be eligible for and apply to financial support options under the policy. This includes, but is not limited to, demonstrating financial need, meeting deadlines for funding programs, and making sure you are taking the minimum number of courses required.

How much support will I receive?

UBC determines your unmet financial need, which is the difference between your determined total cost of study and your available resources, such as government assistance and expected financial contributions.

To determine the total cost of study, we calculate your educational costs and standard allowances for living expenses.

If you are considered a dependent student, we will also consider your family’s resources.

Policy flexibility

Not every student's financial situation fits within UBC's guidelines. That's why Policy LR10 allows for exceptions in certain situations:

Contact your Enrolment Services Advisor

Your Enrolment Services Advisor can help you if you are facing a financial distress emergency or have an exceptional case. Even if you do not have an assigned Enrolment Services Advisor, they are still able to help.