Group counselling programs

About group counselling

If you are dealing with concerns like depression, anxiety, or stress, a healthcare professional may recommend group counselling. UBC Counselling Services also offers support groups for specific concerns that you can join at any time.

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A group of UBC students sit outside the AMS Nest in conversation

Benefits of group counselling

Group therapy is as effective as individual therapy for concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns. It can also benefit you in different ways.

  • Connect with other students
    You are not alone. The group experience can help you connect with other students experiencing similar challenges. The group environment seeks to be encouraging, supportive, and safe.

  • Learn new skills
    Groups offer opportunities for you to realize your strengths and gather new skills to try out. Most groups are offered once a week.

  • Get “unstuck”
    Group therapy can offer a different perspective on your situation and a sense of accountability which can help motivate you to try new strategies.

  • Build social confidence
    It is common for students to feel nervous before coming to their first group. The groups are clear about the purpose of the group and what will happen during the session. You can share as much or as little as you like in the group. The supportive environment can provide an opportunity to practice new skills to help reduce anxiety in a social setting.  

  • Easy access
    For online offerings, as long as you have access to a stable internet connection, you can take part in a group from anywhere in British Columbia.

Group programs

We are currently offering in-person and online group programs. For more information on how to access these programs, read the group descriptions below.

We recognize the unique individual needs of each student and the clinician working with you will provide alternate options if group programming is not an appropriate referral option or fit.

If you are a UBC Vancouver student, you can also access online groups and workshops offered by UBC Okanagan Counselling Services.

For both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan students

For UBC Vancouver students only

Other UBC support groups and meetings

There are a variety of groups and meetings on campus which offer a sense of community and support for mental health and wellness related concerns.

  • Kaleidoscope
    The Kaleidoscope offers weekly peer led support groups for undergraduate and graduate students living with the experience of mental health concerns.

  • UBC Student Recovery Community (SRC)
    For students who are in recovery, or curious to explore their relationship with alcohol, drugs, and/or addictive behaviours such as disordered eating, the SRC offers peer led support meetings.

  • UBC Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC)
    SASC Support and Advocacy staff facilitate support groups for people of all genders and identities who have experienced any form of sexualized violence. These groups are open to all members of the UBC community.