Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group: Balancing Emotions Program

About the group

The overall goal of this program is to learn skills to change unwanted behaviors, emotions, thinking, and events that may cause your life to be difficult.

Structured as an interactive class, the program consists of two parts: an online group and regular individual check-ins with your health professional. The online group is based on Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), which was developed to offer concrete strategies to help people build a better life.

The four main areas of focus are:

  • Distress tolerance
  • Emotion regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness

This group made me feel seen and accepted; it was so nice to have a place that I could learn and be vulnerable in a safe and respectful format that made me feel supported and encouraged to try new things.



This group is open to UBC Vancouver students only. To participate, you must be currently living in British Columbia and have access to a private and quiet space with a stable Internet connection that can support Zoom.

How to register

Counselling Services is currently accepting referrals for the Fall 2024 group.

Find more information by connecting with a UBC health professional, such as a counsellor, physician, mental health nurse, or a Wellness Advisor at Counselling Services.