Mental health care at UBC

Navigating your mental health care

UBC Counselling Services is the first point of contact for all of your mental health concerns, whether you would like to see a doctor, a counsellor, or just get more information about what is available. The first step is usually to meet with a Wellness Advisor, a certified mental health professional who will listen to your concerns, help you identify your goals and connect you to the most appropriate care for your needs.

Call 604.822.3811 to request an in-person, phone, or Zoom Wellness Advising appointment. Appointments are same-day and first come, first served.

A look at the support options

When meeting with your Wellness Advisor, you’ll be matched to the level of care that meets your needs. For example, if you’re looking for mental health resources, you may benefit from self-help exploration tools. Another person may find that a single session of counselling helps them move ahead with a current problem, and for someone else, brief, intentional counselling is what’s needed at this time.

Below are the types of support you may be connected to. You can get started with a few options on your own. Some can only be accessed with the support of a Wellness Advisor.

Stepped care model diagram with a blue circle in the middle ("Initial wellness advising consultation") with lines going out to other colored circles that have individual support options

Self-directed programs and resources

UBC offers a range of evidence-based, self-directed programs and resources for students. Self-directed resources, also known as self-help tools, cover topics to help you learn more about your mental health, develop healthy coping skills, and decide whether you want to access further support. The best part of these programs and resources is that you can work through them at your own pace whenever it fits your schedule.

An example is Therapy Assistance Online (TAO), which offers information and tools for addressing stress, relationship problems, substance use, and more. You can register for the platform with your UBC email. You can access these support options any time on your own, even without a Wellness Advising appointment.

Peer-led activities

Sometimes, it can help to talk to another UBC student who may understand what you’re going through. There are a number of peer-led activities and programs on campus where you can drop into a friendly, safe space to connect with others, learn new skills, find out about resources, and talk about mental health concerns.

Peer-led activities and programs include workshops—such as how to help a friend or navigate your health and wellbeing at UBC—and wellbeing booths, outreach events, or peer support. You don’t need to see a Wellness Advisor to connect with a peer support program.

Wellness workshops and more

You can access wellbeing-themed learning and educational event opportunities, such as wellbeing workshops and Nurse on Campus wellness booths, information, and drop-in support.

Participate in wellness programs that match your comfort level in a friendly, conversational setting. You’ll gain a better understanding about your mental health as well as additional resources you can access. Wellness Advisors can help you find out about wellness programming, but you can join in anytime without a referral.

Drop-in, single session counselling

UBC students have access to drop-in, single session, 50-minute counselling appointments with a registered mental healthcare provider. These sessions are ideal if you feel your concerns can be met in one session. Counsellors will help identify strengths, helpful perspectives, and/or strategies with you to help you move forward in a positive direction. If you know that one session is all you need right now, call 604.822.3811 and the front desk staff will make an appointment for you.

Group counselling programs

Wellness Advisors may refer students to group counselling, an effective treatment option for a range of concerns, such as social anxiety, depression, and stress. There are also self-referral support groups available, including specific groups for graduate or international students, or those with ADHD.

Group counselling programs provide a confidential, safe space to learn new skills, connect with other students, and share your experiences—as much or as little as you like.

Brief counselling

Wellness Advisors may connect you to brief counselling, a flexible, individualized approach to focus on specific changes. You’ll work collaboratively with a counsellor over a short period of time to address your main concern and develop tools, strategies, and resources together.

Primary care mental health

After a Wellness Advising appointment, UBC students may be referred to a doctor or nurse practitioner who can provide an assessment, a prescription for medication, and a referral to psychiatry, if appropriate.


Psychiatry is generally care for complex mental health concerns, where you can expect to complete an assessment and receive medical treatment. You can only be referred to psychiatry by a doctor.

24/7 mental health support

Here2Talk is a free and confidential mental health counselling and referral service that provides immediate, 24/7 support to students in various languages and on multiple platforms. All registered UBC students can reach out as often as needed and speak with a trained counsellor about absolutely anything, no matter where they are in the world.

Access Here2Talk services by calling, downloading the Here2Talk mobile app, or starting an online chat session at The program can also connect you to similar helpful support options on campus and in your community.