Antigen therapy for allergies

About antigen therapy

UBC Student Health Service can provide antigen therapy for students, a prescribed course of antigen injections for allergies diagnosed by an allergist. Antigen therapy is a preventive treatment for allergic reactions that can help your immune system build up a tolerance for a certain allergen. The treatment involves taking gradually increasing doses of the substance you’re allergic to.

Requesting antigen therapy

  1. Share the Antigen Administration letter (pdf) with your allergist and ask them to send the required information to Student Health Service by fax at 604 484 2209
  2. Book your first appointment with a Student Health Service doctor or Nurse Practitioner to review the documents sent by your allergist:
  3. After seeing a Student Health Service health practitioner, call 604 822 7011 (extension 0) to book your antigen injection with a Registered Nurse. Nursing antigen injections are only offered at the Koerner Pavilion clinic. Please bring your antigen serums with you to your appointment. The first appointment will be 40 minutes long due to the intake procedure.