Wellness Centre Sexual Health Shop

About the shop

Since 2007, the Wellness Centre Sexual Health Shop aims to be a sex-positive, safer, inclusive, and welcoming space for all members of the UBC community.

Drop by the Wellness Centre or make an order online to purchase inexpensive safer sex, sexual health, and sex toy products. Products are specifically chosen to be gender inclusive, shame-free, pleasure-focused, and to celebrate the diversity of sexual experiences and identities at UBC.

Peer Health Educators, trained UBC student volunteers, are also on site to answer questions. Students are invited to learn about these items in a confidential space.

Available products

The Shop offers products made of body-safe materials and, all sex toys are compatible with water-based lubricant.

Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. All purchases are cash only, and returns are not accepted.

The Shop currently offers condoms, lubricants, menstrual products, pregnancy tests, and various sex toys.

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