Tutorial: How to apply for an initial study permit

Step-by-step instructions, required documents, and other important information about applying for your study permit.

1. Overview of the process

When to apply Apply as soon as you get accepted to UBC and have your Letter of Acceptance.
Cost $150 CAD
How long it will take

IRCC processing times vary widely. Check typical processing times for your country on the IRCC website.

It can take several months to get approved for a study permit so it's important to apply as soon as possible.

How you can apply
Recommended options
Alternate options
  • In person at a Visa Application Centre (VAC)
  • By mail to the appropriate visa office
    • Download the paper application in the "Apply on paper" section of the IRCC website
  • In person at a Canadian border. Only for:
    • US citizens and permanent residents
    • Residents of Greenland or St. Pierre and Miquelon
Form name

Use the Application for a Study Permit Made Outside of Canada [IMM 1294] form.

To avoid delays with your application, always download the most current form from the IRCC website.