Registration dates

When will I know my registration date?

About two weeks before your registration opens, you'll get an email to let you know that your personalized registration date and time are available on the SSC. You'll be able to register any time between your registration open date and the add/drop (course change) deadline.

Your date and time may change, especially if you're a newly admitted student or a continuing student in a partial program. Check the SSC regularly for up-to-date registration information.

Winter Session registration periods

September 2014 - April 2015

The dates below are for registration periods by year of study. Check exceptions for programs that don't follow the standard registration dates.

Year group Date range 
First-year students June 24 -26
Second-year students July 8 - 10
Third-year students July 2 - 4
Fourth and fifth-year students and diploma programs June 16 - 18
Visiting students July 22
Unclassified and Access Studies students July 24
Graduate students - Vancouver June 11
Graduate students - Okanagan June 12


Students in the following programs do not follow the standard registration date schedule and should consult the Student Service Centre (SSC) or their program website for registration times:

  • BEd (Elementary)
  • BEd (Middle Years)
  • BEd (Secondary)
  • BSc (Pharm)
  • DMD
  • JD
  • MD

Summer Session registration periods

May - August 2014

Year group Date
First-year students March 7
Second-year students March 6
Third-year students March 5
Fourth and fifth-year students and diploma programs March 4
Visiting students March 18
Unclassified and Access Studies students March 27
Graduate students March 3