Resources for students with disabilities

Learn about services on campus for students with disabilities, and find resources for support and assistance.

Find support and assistance

Centre for Accessibility

The Centre for Accessibility provides support and program initiatives designed to remove barriers for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition.

A variety of support is available for eligible students. Register with the Centre to receive academic accommodations such as exam adaptations or alternate-format material. 

The Centre for Accessibility provides non-academic accommodations and services including mobility training for students with visual impairments and priority placement for on-campus housing.

Mental health support

All students are eligible to receive free mental health support through Counselling Services, as well as the UBC Student Assistance Program. Find the support option specific to your location and needs with this online tool.

Priority access to housing

As a student with a disability or chronic medical condition, if you feel that you need to live on campus or you have special requirements for student housing, please review the Priority Housing Request Form to determine if you should apply. 

All applications for on-campus residence must be made through UBC Student Housing and Community Services.

The application deadline is February 15.

Additional Criteria

You must have a disability or ongoing medical condition that significantly affects your housing needs. 

You are required to provide medical documentation indicating the presence of a disability or chronic medical condition, and how that condition necessitates on-campus housing. 

In order to be recommended for priority access, you must have disability-related needs that cannot be met in off-campus housing. The presence of a disability alone is insufficient to qualify for priority placement.

Placements are typically offered in year-round housing.

Course Load Requirements

If, as a student with a disability or chronic medical condition, you are unable to meet Student Housing’s credit load requirement (9 credits/term) for disability-related reasons, you can make a request to your Diversity Advisor – Disability to be considered eligible to remain in student housing with a minimum of 6 on-campus credits/term.

Getting around campus

UBC provides a variety of services and accommodations to ensure our campus is accessible as possible. If navigating around campus poses a challenge, there are options to support you, including accessible parking spaces, transit routes, and ride services.

You can also book the UBC Accessibility Shuttle, a free, shared ride service that can transport you to areas of campus that can otherwise only be accessed by foot.

Awards for students with disabilities

Browse the selection of scholarships and bursaries offered to UBC students with disabilities and find out if you are eligible to apply.

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