Serving alcohol

What you need to know about serving alcohol at an event on campus

Licensed Events

The university has a policy that relates specifically to the serving and consumption of alcohol on campus. Event organizers are responsible for reviewing this policy and ensuring that their event complies with this policy. It is important to note that many members of the university community do not consume alcohol for a variety of reasons. Licensed events should not solely be about consuming alcohol. The main activities of the event should be open and inclusive to all individuals - whether or not they chose to consume alcohol at the event.

When hosting a licensed event, organizers should consider the following guidelines:

  • The focus of the event should not be the alcohol or the alcohol consumption, but the activities being planned (concert, music, games, etc.) The promotions and marketing materials should reflect this as well.
  • Ensure that non-alcoholic beverage options are readily available, and if possible, maintain some distance between the serving areas of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to avoid unintentional mixing. This ensures that those who do not want to access or be seen to be accessing alcoholic beverages are comfortable. 
  • Be sure to include in your marketing materials that non-alcoholic beverages will also be served.
  • Ensure that food is available to all attendees.
  • Water should be readily available, free of cost to all attendees to ensure appropriate hydration.
  • Ensure appropriate messaging and safety related contact information is posted and actively accessible. Such as: taxi service contact information, messages to discourage drinking and driving, AMS Safe Walk and Sexual Assault Support Centre contact information, and messages to encourage attendees to be active bystanders.


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