Career resources for Indigenous graduates


Completing your degree is a major achievement that will open doors and we are excited to see where you go from here! As an Indigenous graduate of UBC, you have gathered a unique set of experiences, skills and knowledge that together make you qualified and equipped to do many things. This includes your academic experience, community-based experience and personal hobbies, and achievements. Employers will value what you have to offer.

Support is available

We don’t want to minimize that this is a tough time to be entering the job market. The global COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the world of work. Many of you are likely navigating worry and stress related to your future, and the livelihood of your families and other communities. This is a time to reach out for support if you need it.

Beyond your peers, connect with the support systems available to you:

New employment opportunities will arrive but it’s often hard to predict when that will occur. In the meantime, you might find yourself needing to take on different forms of work than you have been anticipating. However, all experiences can be valuable opportunities for learning and skill development. Keep your eyes open, take care of yourself and your loved ones and do what you can to maintain a positive outlook on what’s possible for you today and in the future.

Feelings of uncertainty

Uncertainty is a major contributor to many peoples’ experiences of transitioning from school to work. These feelings of uncertainty have been heightened in light of global circumstances. There is strength and opportunity in that collective experience. Look for it and use it to help yourself thrive. There are many supports available to you on campus, in your communities, and in your circles of influence. Build a support network and also ask advice from those you consider friends and mentors. 

Celebrate your achievements

Remember to take time to celebrate your accomplishments—you are moving from student to alumni. No matter what is next for you in your journey, celebrate and honour the accomplishments you have achieved and the work you have put into the completion of your degree. Know that your UBC community, including alumni UBC services, is still available to you.

Career guide

UBC Enrolment Services, the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers (CSIC), and the First Nations House of Learning (FNHL) have created a resource guide to help you move through the next phases of your career journey. Download the Career Navigation for Recent Indigenous Graduates guide (pdf) to help you work through your immediate job search process. as well as to work towards your longer-term career aspirations.

Wherever you are in your life and career, the guide can help you navigate important considerations and find your best fit. 

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