Job Posting Scams

Protecting yourself from Job Posting Scams: Recognizing the Warning Signs

University students across North America continue to be targeted in a variety of fraudulent employment scams.  Although UBC’s Centre for Student Involvement and Careers screens all job postings in an attempt to filter out questionable employers and/or job postings, it is important that students also be alert to the warning signs of job posting scams and take appropriate action to protect themselves and their privacy.

Please read through the warning signs below before applying for any job:

  • Poor grammar and/or spelling;
  • The email domain uses a free site i.e. @hotmail, @gmail ;
  • You are not able to contact or identify the person posting;
  • The email domain listed on the posting does not match the company website domain or is misspelled;
  • The company phone number is unlisted or not available when you call;
  • Company website only includes the job posting info and not information about the company;
  • Request for personal information (such as your SIN, photo identification, date of birth);
  • You have been made an offer without submitting a resume or being interviewed;
  • Request for access to your bank account;
  • Request for initial investment, cash checks, e-transfers, or wire money.

Be sure to research all job postings carefully. Verify that the job exists and visit the company’s official website, or even call the company to confirm.

If you suspect a job posting on CareersOnline is fraudulent, please contact us immediately at and we will work with you to identify an appropriate course of action.

Also be sure to know your employment rights  - to learn more visit: