Career events and workshops

Whether you're improving your job applications or exploring your career, UBC has events and workshops to support you.


Even though you aren't currently on campus, the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers  remains committed to answering  your career questions, your work search and future plans. Opportunities will be continually provided through events and webinars to support you to take steps towards your goals, make connections and learn directly from alumni and employers.

How to register

To browse and register for career events or workshops, log in to CareersOnline and select "Events" from the left sidebar.

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Top reasons to attend

  • Learn and practice career skills like how to search for a job, write your resume, and interview 
  • Explore and develop your career and life goals
  • Connect with alumni and potential employers to ask your questions

Job skills and preparation 

  • Resume and LinkedIn webinars
    Get your resume ready, build your LinkedIn profile, earn to highlight your achievements, and tailor your applications  to get noticed.
  • Panic to power webinars
    Practice coping strategies to turn your unease into motivated, productive energy that will help you approach your goals with increased comfort and confidence.
  • Job Search Strategies webinar
    Learn the best ways to go about looking for work both online and in-person, and explore different strategies to access the hidden job market.

  • Interview preparation webinars
    Practice flexible and effective strategies to maximize your interview preparation.

Explore your career

  • Feeling stuck or unsure webinars
    Bring your questions and get resources that will help you take action towards your goals.

  • Designing your life webinars
    Challenge yourself to explore multiple versions of your life and take action towards your future goals.

  • Alumni Office Hours
    Learn from the stories and insights UBC alumni have to share in this mentorship moment.

Connect with alumni and employers

  • Employer information sessions
    Meet with an employer or recruiter from a company you are interested in working for and ask your questions.

  • Participate in Virtual Career Fairs
    Network with recruiters from different industries and discover available job opportunities.

Upcoming events and workshops

Annual events

  • Career Day
    Drop into a one-day virtual event that features 45 and more  employers from various industries, eager to engage with students and alumni to share career opportunities and insights.
  • Graduate & Professional Schools Fair
    Discover academic opportunities available after your UBC degree, both graduate and professional.