Auditing courses

What is auditing?

An auditor is a student who is taking a course without seeking a grade or credit for the course.

Students usually audit courses for self-interest and academic exploration. Auditors' participation in courses will be set by the course instructor.

In general, if you're auditing a course you'll be expected to complete all course requirements except the final exam, and your transcript will show a statement of audit for the course. Read more about auditing courses in the Academic Calendar

Register as an auditor

  1. Download a Registration or Change of Registration (Add/Drop) Form or pick one up from your faculty advising office or Enrolment Services in Brock Hall

  2. Fill out the "Course Section Add" table of the form, checking off "Audit" in the left-hand column

  3. Get the course instructor's signature

  4. Return the form to Enrolment Services

  5. You'll be assessed regular tuition and mandatory student fees


Submit your form by January 22, 2021 to make changes to the auditing status of Term 2 courses.

Additional signatures you may need

  • If you're in a degree program, you'll need someone from your faculty advising office to sign the form
  • If you're auditing a graduate-level course, you'll need a form from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G + PS) and a signature from them