Auditing courses

What does auditing mean?

Auditing means taking a course without seeking a grade or credit for the course. Students usually audit courses for self-interest and academic exploration.

When you audit a course, your participation in courses is set by the course instructor. In general, if you're auditing a course, you'll be expected to complete all course requirements except the final exam, and your transcript will show a statement of audit for the course.

If you choose to audit a course, you will still be assessed regular tuition and mandatory student fees. Read more about auditing courses in the Academic Calendar.

Registering to audit a course

The following instructions are for undergraduate students. Graduate students should refer to their program website for information. 

  1. Download the Registration or Change of Registration (Add/Drop) Form (pdf). You can also pick up a paper copy from your faculty advising office or the Enrolment Services Advising Centre in Brock Hall.

  2. Fill out the "Course Section Add" section of the form and check off "Audit" in the left-hand column.

  3. Ask your course instructor to sign the form.

  4. Follow the form instructions to submit it to the appropriate office.

Application deadlines

Submit your form by the add/drop deadline to update your status to “Auditing".

Course type Deadline for changing your auditing status
Term 1 courses September 18, 2023
Term 1 and 2 courses September 25, 2023
Term 2 courses January 19, 2024

Additional signatures you may need

If you have questions

If you're an undergraduate student, please contact your Enrolment Services Advisor directly.

Graduate, postgraduate, and all other students can contact an Enrolment Services Advisor by calling 604 822 9836 or submitting a question through the online form.