Exam clashes, hardships, and cancellations

UBC exam information in the Academic Calendar

The information on this page provides helpful guidelines, but it's important to understand UBC's official rules and policies on exams. Read through the Academic Assessment section of the Calendar for more information on:

  • Student conduct during exams
  • Exam hardships and clashes
  • Standing deferred and Supplemental exams

Exam clashes

An exam clash happens when multiple exams are scheduled on the same day at the same time.

Daytime exam clashes

If you have a daytime exam clash, contact your instructor immediately to see if you can find an alternate writing time. If the instructor(s) is unable to resolve the examination clash, then the department head or dean/director will be contacted.

If an alternate writing time is not available at the faculty level, examination candidates must contact Enrolment Services. Email student.exams@ubc.ca, to make alternate arrangements.

Evening and weekend exam clashes

Exam clashes on the evening and weekend timetable are the responsibility of the instructor. Please contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Exam hardships

An exam hardship is defined as 3 or more end-of-term exams in a 24-hour period.

See more on exam hardships in the UBC Calendar.

Exam cancellations

Always check ubc.ca for the most up-to-date information about campus closures and weather advisories.

If exams are cancelled

  • A notice will be posted on the Exams page.
  • Enrolment Services will email affected students, instructors and exam representatives to let them know that the exam is cancelled and what to expect next.

Rescheduling of cancelled exams:   

Scheduling Services will reschedule Winter Term 1 examinations on the Saturday (and when necessary Sunday) following the first full week of classes in Term 2. Scheduling Services will reschedule examinations for Winter Term 2 and the Summer Terms on the day(s) following the last day of formal examinations for that term.

If you are unable to attend a rescheduled exam: Contact your instructor as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances and the possibility of an alternate writing time. 

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