Standing Deferred and Supplemental exams

You'll need to apply through the SSC to write your SD and supplemental exams.

Important dates

If you can't write your exam during the exam period, you'll need to contact your instructor to find out whether you can write your exam at another time. Instructors aren't obliged to make alternative arrangements for students.

If you miss the deadline, please contact your academic advising office to find out if you can make other arrangements.

Before you apply

Apply to write your exam

  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre.
  2. Go to Exams > Exam Application.
  3. Select your session and courses. Each course requires a separate application.
  4. Select your exam location.
    • On campus - Select Vancouver from the drop down menu to write on campus, or select Access & Diversity to write with the A&D office. Read about Access & Diversity for more information. 
    • Off campus partner exam centre - Select a location from the drop down menu to write at an off campus partner centre. Read about partner exam centres for more information.
    • Other locations - If you cant write at a partner exam centre, apply to write at another location. Read about other locations for more information and invigilator instructions.
  5. If your location requires payment, you'll be prompted to pay with VISA, MasterCard, or Interac Online.
  6. We'll email you when your exam has been scheduled. You’ll also be able to see your exam schedule and location on the SSC under Exam Application. 

Access & Diversity

On campus exams

If you're writing SD exams through Access & Diversity, you do not need to apply using the A&D Exam Booking System. After you have applied for your SD Exam on SSC, your exams will be scheduled by the Exam Coordinators in mid-July. Please log into the A&D Booking System to confirm your date and time in mid-July.

Off campus exams

Follow the instructions above to apply for off-campus exams. Contact Access and Diversity to request an Academic Accommodation letter and email it to

We will email you with the date and time of your exam once your exam has been scheduled, or you can view your exam schedule on the SSC under Exam Application.

View your exam schedule

You'll be able to see your detailed and personalized exam information on the SSC Exams > Exam Application. Select the session from the drop-down menu and then click "View" beside each exam. 

Please review your exam schedule for exam clashes or hardships. In the case of an exam clash or hardship, contact at least 3 weeks before the exam period.

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