Graduation FAQ

Applying to graduate

When will I know when my application has been approved?

Your application to graduate will be reviewed by your faculty in October (for the fall ceremony) and in April (for the spring ceremony). The final approval will be noted on your graduation application in the Student Service Centre (SSC) about a week prior to the congregation ceremony.

I just looked at my graduation application and the status has changed. What does this mean?

In your graduation application, between applying and your graduation day, you will notice changes in your application. Below is a list of terms you may see on your application and what they mean:

Applied for Graduation

Your application has been received. Applications will be reviewed once the graduation application closes. Please ensure that all requirements are met by the deadline for graduation.


Your application will remain pending until all final grades are in, and your file has been approved by the Dean of your faculty.

Graduation Not Approved

Your application for graduation has not been approved by your faculty/school. Contact your faculty/school if you believe that you have met graduation requirements and should be eligible to graduate. Otherwise, you will need to re-apply for graduation in a subsequent session when you become eligible to graduate.

Withdrawn Application

Your application has been withdrawn and will not be evaluated for graduation. You must re-apply for a subsequent session.


Your file is complete, and your application has been approved by the Dean of your faculty. Your credential will not appear on your transcript until Senate meets to approve all graduates and confer their degrees.


Your degree has been conferred (awarded) by senate and your credentials will appear on your transcript. Senate usually confers degrees during its regular monthly meeting about a week before graduation ceremonies.

My degree is not noted on my transcript yet, but I need proof that I've completed all my requirements. What should I do?

Contact your program or faculty advising office to request a letter of completion.

I have missed the deadline to apply for graduation. Can I still graduate?

Please contact your faculty or departmental advising office.

Graduation and your degree specialization

My degree specialization listed on the SSC is not correct. What should I do?

Contact your faculty or departmental advising office.

I am doing a double major. Which group of majors will I graduate with?

If you are a student completing a double major, you will be assigned to the ceremony for the major that is listed first on your student record (i.e., a double major in French and Economics will be assigned to French). To check your student record, log into the Student Service Centre (SSC), select "Registration," and then "My Program."

I am currently taking a course at another university or college for credit toward my UBC degree. What do I need to do to graduate?

Follow these steps:

Arrange for an official transcript from the other institution to be sent directly to Enrolment Services at UBC.

Arrange for the letter of permission that you obtained from your faculty (prior to taking courses at the other institution) to be sent to Enrolment Services at UBC.

Send to:

Transfer credit
Enrolment Services
1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6T 1Z1

Check the transfer credit page for more information or e-mail with any questions.

I am registered as a master's or doctoral student. What will happen to my award when I complete my degree requirements?

Graduate students who are award recipients will have their award prorated to the end of the month in which they complete their degree requirements, including submission of their thesis to the UBC Library. Students will be required to return any amounts issued to them for the time period after their effective completion date. Please contact Enrolment Services with any additional questions.

Your diploma

Changing the name on your diploma

Read about options to change the name on your diploma the Changing the name on your diploma page. Please note that there is a deadline to submit name change requests for graduation.

I could not attend my graduation ceremony and was going to pick up my diploma, but I can't make it to campus. Can someone pick it up for me?

Yes. If you would like someone to pick up your diploma on your behalf, download the Third-Party Document Pick Up Form (pdf), fill it out and give it to the person who will be picking up your diploma for you. Ensure you have filled out the form correctly and that the person picking the diploma up has the identification specified in the form.

Where can I get a UBC diploma frame?

You can purchase a UBC diploma frame during the graduation ceremonies outside near the Chan Centre. You can also purchase one online through Alumni Affairs or in person at the UBC Bookstore.

If I buy a diploma frame from UBC Alumni Affairs, does my purchase support this association?

Yes. A portion of the frame purchase is donated to UBC Alumni Affairs.

Graduation ceremony

When will I know my ceremony date and time?

The fall schedule is available in September and the spring schedule is available in February on the Graduation at UBC website. More personalized information will be available on the Student Service Centre (SSC) nearer to the ceremony.

I don't plan on attending the ceremony. Do I still need to apply to graduate?

Yes, you are required to apply for graduation regardless of whether you are able to attend the ceremony. If you do not apply you will not graduate.

I will not complete my degree requirements until December. Which ceremony do I apply for?

You will not complete your requirements by the fall congregation deadline. You must apply to graduate in the spring ceremony following the completion of your degree requirements. If you will not meet degree requirements by the deadline for spring graduation, you must apply for fall graduation.

If you're not graduating

I am not ready to graduate. Why am I being prompted to apply for graduation?

Some degree or diploma/certificate programs do not have year levels so the system cannot determine when you'll be completing your program. For some programs, students may take from eight months to five years to graduate. We want to make sure that those who are eligible to graduate know they should apply.

I have applied for graduation by mistake. How can I withdraw my application?

You can withdraw your graduation application by sending in a written request to When you are ready to graduate, please remember to apply again.