Wellness Centre

Drop in to ask questions, find out about resources on campus, or attend a wellness event to help you feel your best.

Top reasons to visit the Wellness Centre

The Centre is a friendly and welcoming space in where you can: 

  • Talk to trained undergraduate and graduate Wellness Peer educators about health and wellness.

  • Talk to a nurse about your health and wellness. 

  • Find out about health and wellness resources across campus.
  • Buy safer sex products, including condoms and lubricants, at cost (cash only).
  • Join workshops, events, and other activities to develop skills and strategies for better wellness. See our calendar of events.
  • Find out about the First Aid Student Team and the services they provide on campus.

Are you a student leader looking for wellness resources?

The Centre is also a resource for UBC student leaders, where you can:

  • Talk to a Health Promotion Specialist about partnering on wellness workshops, events, ideas, and more.
  • Learn wellness leadership skills, like how to plan inclusive health and wellness events.
  • Find out about current wellness initiatives on campus, and how you can connect these initiatives with your leadership role.

Whats happening at the Wellness Centre

About the team at the Wellness Centre

Wellness Peer educators

Wellness Peers are a trained group of graduate and undergraduate student volunteers (about 30 students each year) with a passion for wellness. Wellness Peer educators help staff the UBC Wellness Centre from September to April and run wellness activities across campus.

Wellness Peers can help:

  • Answer your health and wellness questions
  • Provide information about other campus resources 
  • Partner with you on wellness-related events or workshops

Ask them questions like how to eat well on a budget, how to make friends, where to go if you’d like more help taking care of your health, and much more.

All Wellness Peers have received training in sexual health and sexuality, campus resources, and a range of topics related to holistic student health and wellness (e.g., nutrition, sleep, etc.). You will often see Wellness Peers at campus events including faculty wellness fairs, outreach booths and during campus-wide events like Thrive.

For graduate students who prefer to talk to graduate peers, please visit us during designated Graduate Peer hours.

Health Promotion Specialists and Strategists

Health Promotion Specialists and Strategists oversee the day-to-day operation of the Wellness Centre and offer expertise to students, student leaders, staff, and faculty across UBC to expand opportunities for student wellness on campus. They can:

  • Deliver workshops
  • Partner on health and wellness events and initiatives
  • Connect you with a range of other health resources on campus

To book a time to speak with a Health Promotion Specialist, please email wellness.centre@ubc.ca.

Other wellness professionals

The Wellness Centre also hosts programming by various groups across campus, including Registered Nurses from Student Health Service as part of the Nurse on Campus program. Drop by to ask a Registered Nurse from Student Health Service about any of your health and wellness questions during Nurse on Campus hours.

Wellness Centre hours, location, and contact info

Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre


Telephone: 604 822 8450

Life Building
Room 1400, 6138 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


Mon10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tue10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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