UBC Student Recovery Community (SRC)

About the Student Recovery Community

The UBC Student Recovery Community (SRC) is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for students who are in recovery or curious to explore their relationship with alcohol, drugs, and/or addictive behaviours, including disordered eating, gaming, gambling, and more.

The SRC’s peer support, evidence-based model is designed to empower students with lived experience to support one another on their chosen recovery pathway. The community supports all pathways of recovery—from harm reduction to abstinence, and everything in between.

About the founder and program manager

Sara Fudjack (she/her) is a registered clinical social worker with over 15 years’ experience working alongside folks navigating addiction, mental illness, and recovery. She is a queer white settler of mixed European heritage, and the founder and Program Manager of Canada’s first Student Recovery Community here at UBC. 

As a person with lived experience of addiction and recovery, access to a spectrum of harm reduction and recovery resources not only saved Sara’s life but helped her to eventually thrive. It was not until after completing both an undergraduate and master’s degree that Sara had access to these resources, and this is part of what inspired her to create the UBC SRC—so that students in recovery or curious to explore their relationship with drugs, alcohol, and/or addictive behaviours will not have to feel so alone and can begin thriving in the here and now. 

A doctoral candidate in the School of Social Work, Sara’s research takes a collaborative, socio-intersectional approach to investigating the impact of, and how to address, stigma within post-secondary settings toward students navigating addiction and recovery.

Top reasons to visit

  • Get one-on-one peer support in a safe, private, confidential setting.
  • Join a peer-based recovery support group and find community with other students navigating recovery.
  • Become a Recovery Ally to support those in recovery.

I find that All Recovery Meetings and the team are the most accessible source of help on campus, compared to other (mental) health resources. The facilitators genuinely care about the students on a personal level! Every time I go to the drop-in hours, I feel like I am greeted by a friend who truly cares about me beyond my problems.

UBC Student in recovery

Drop-in office hours

Stop by the Student Recovery Community (SRC) office to learn more about the support and services available. There are 2 types of drop-in hours offered:

  • Talk with an SRC student peer
    Meet an SRC student peer who will be available to show you around and answer any questions you may have.
  • Drop-in with Jen
    If you have any questions about the SRC, want to get involved, or just have a coffee and chat, come stop by with Program Coordinator Jen.

The office is located in Room 1040, Counselling Services at Brock Hall. When you arrive, notify the front desk and ask to see Jen or Sara.

Browse drop-in schedule

One-on-one support

If you cannot make the drop-in times, you can book a confidential one-on-one meeting with the program managers, Sara and Jen, to talk about recovery, get resources, learn about the support and services available, or chat.

Email src.recovery@ubc.ca to set up an appointment at the office, located in Room 1040, Counselling Services at Brock Hall.

All Recovery Meetings

Join a peer support meeting, open to all UBC students who struggle with or are affected by addiction, or are curious about recovery and how to support the recovery lifestyle. All pathways of recovery are welcomed and supported. Abstinence is not required for participation.

All meetings are held both in person and online, unless otherwise indicated. Please email src.recovery@ubc.ca or visit the SRC Instagram page for meeting times and room locations or Zoom links.

  • 12 Gentle Steps
    This group meeting is an inclusive adaptation of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, designed with diverse substances and behavioural addictions in mind.
  • Women's and Gender Diverse All-Recovery Meeting
    This peer-based group welcomes all students who identify as women or gender diverse who have lived experience of recovery or are curious to navigate their relationship with substance and/or behavioural addiction. 
  • All Recovery Meeting
    Drop in to an inclusive group meeting for all students with lived experience of recovery or those who are curious to explore their relationship with substance and/or behavioural addiction.
  • Disordered Eating All Recovery Meeting
    If you are in recovery from disordered eating or are curious about navigating your relationship with food and body image, join this peer-based group meeting.
  • Alternate States of Healing (online only)
    This group is for any student who uses meditation, psychedelics, breathwork, and other related methods as part of their recovery. It is a safe, supportive space for people to share and integrate their experiences.

Become a Recovery Ally

Students in recovery are a marginalized group that experiences stigma, social exclusion, and isolation. As a Recovery Ally, you are committed to supporting and advocating for people who are in recovery and/or struggling with addiction.

Please email src.recovery@ubc.ca or message the SRC Instagram account for opportunities and next steps.

If you have questions