Black Student Space

About the space

The Black Student Space is an identity-affirming space available only for Black undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the UBC Vancouver campus to study, connect with each other, recharge, host events and sessions, as well as build community.

With the intention of creating a safer space, the Black Student Space celebrates the diversity and shared experiences within the Black community, and aims to foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing at UBC. The Black Student Space is primarily student-centered with a focus on providing networks, programming, and resources that are specific, relevant, and representative of Black experiences, intersectional identities, and cultures. Black staff and faculty are welcome to organize programming and resources for students.

History of the space

The Black Student Space was opened in fall 2023 by the Office of the Vice-President Students and the Centre for Student Development and Leadership, in consultation and co-creation with the UBC Black student community on the Vancouver campus. It is an intentional step in response to the Student Strategic Plan (strategies 4 and 9), as well as the Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence Recommendations Taskforce Report (recommendations 3 and 41). 

Anti-Black racism exists in all systems such as the Canadian higher educational system. Unique supports that directly impact Black students' academic success, personal growth, and wellbeing are needed. The Black Student Space aims to be one of these support options at UBC.

Location and layout

The space is located in the Exchange Building (5960 Student Union Boulevard) and consists of an Upper (located on the second level) and Lower area that cater to different activities: 

  • The Upper Space is dedicated for studying, individual contemplation, meditation, and other quiet activities. See how it looks with the interactive tool.
  • The Lower Space includes a lounge space for napping and resting, as well as a large open area for events and group activities. Find out how it looks with the interactive tool.

How to access the space

The space is only open to currently enrolled students who identify as Black, including but not limited to those who are of Black African descent, African-American, African-Canadian, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, and Afro-Indigenous.

Complete the form below for access. Requests will be reviewed and processed every other Wednesday, and may take up to 3 business days. You’ll receive a confirmation email verifying your access.

Access will-be turned off during the summer.  Requests for access will be processed beginning in September.

Sign up for access

Space amenities

To ensure a welcoming space, the Black Student Space offers multi-purpose activities from baking, hosting movie nights, reflecting and writing, to hosting events.

The following amenities are available:

  • Kitchen facilities, including an oven, microwaves, refrigerators, small appliances, dishes, and cutlery
  • Quiet space for study and contemplation in the Upper Space
  • Ample outlets for charging devices in the Upper Space
  • Moveable furniture to accommodate different group activities and events in the Lower Space
  • Lounge/napping area with couches and fireplace in the Lower Space
  • Television and projector in the Lower Space
  • Showers and lockers
  • Bathrooms
  • Board games
  • Library in the Upper Space
  • Beanbag chairs 
  • Whiteboards and bulletin boards
  • Printer and scanner
  • Coffee and tea

Events and activities

The space offers events and activities that cater to the diversity of Black experiences, intersectional identities, and cultures. Students are invited to build community both within and beyond UBC, through programming and events offered by staff, faculty, community partners, and Black student groups at UBC.

If you’re a Black student, group or staff member interested in booking a space, please review and submit this form. Please note that this space is open for booking beyond student groups.

The BSS is available for booking on a case-by-case basis over the summer. Please submit a request for review.

Submit your request

Accessibility features

The Black Student Space offers the following features:

  • Ramp access at the main building entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible gender-neutral bathrooms and shower facilities
  • Wheelchair accessible automated doors
  • Soft lighting and warm paint colours
  • Elevator access between Upper and Lower Spaces

If you have questions

Please email for more information.

A UBC staff member will also be available at the Black Student Space to support and connect with students.