Centre for Community Engaged Learning

About the Centre for Community Engaged Learning

The Centre’s programs provide you with community-based opportunities to learn, participate, and collaborate on projects in the community. You can learn from  amazing community partners at an event, participate in an immersive community experience like Reading Week, lead a project by writing a grant, or by joining a Collaboratory project.

The Centre also provides resources and support to instructors, departments, and faculties, to enhance teaching and learning processes,connecting university resources to the community in ways that support lasting relationships.

Reasons to connect with the Centre

  • Connect with community organizations to lead or collaborate on projects.
  • Learn how to affect positive social change in your community.
  • Grow your network by connecting with like-minded students and community.
  • Channel your values into personal growth.
  • Explore something you are passionate about.

Faculty and partner resources

Faculty resources

Working under the principles of Community-Based Experiential Learning (CBEL), we provide support to faculty and staff members who are seeking to enhance student learning and further their teaching practices by working with nonprofits and community organizations. 

See more information on faculty resources. 

Community partners

The Centre for Community Engaged provides its community partners with resources to help them build relationships with students and facilitate successful projects. 

Find more details on community partner resources.

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