UBC Accessibility Shuttle

About the service

The UBC Accessibility Shuttle is a free, shared ride service for people with conditions that impact their mobility. It is run by the UBC Centre for Accessibility in collaboration with Campus and Community Planning and travels along a designated route, making stops within the central pedestrian areas of campus. The shuttle has a limited-storage trunk that can transport mobility aids.

The Accessibility Shuttle is operated by UBC student staff and serves areas that can otherwise only be accessed by foot, such as those with limited vehicle access and parking. For locations that fall outside the Accessibility Shuttle area, use the UBC Community Shuttle or transit instead.

Who can use the shuttle?

The UBC Accessibility Shuttle is reserved for all students, staff, faculty, residents, and visitors on the UBC Point Grey campus who have temporary or permanent conditions that impact mobility. Only registered assistance animals are allowed on the Accessibility Shuttle.

If you’re travelling with a designated attendant, please tell the dispatcher in advance when you book your ride.

People who are not designated attendants are asked to meet those using the service at their destination. There may also be up to 3 passengers aboard at a time.

Ride Booking and Pick-up

Step 1: Book a ride

Speak with a dispatcher or leave a voice message at 604 822 9929. Rides will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and each client is limited to 3 one-way rides per day.

When you book your ride, please be prepared with your pick-up and drop-off locations, dates, and times.

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. You must book your ride ahead of time. Wait times can vary depending on volume. It is your responsibility to schedule your pick-up early enough to reach your destination on time.

There is no limit to how soon you can book your ride. Therefore, it's recommended that you book ahead to ensure a more timely and reliable service. If you leave a voice message to book your trip, you will receive a call back to confirm your ride within one business day.

If you need to get to class or the office on a regular, everyday basis, shuttle bookings can be made on a term by term basis.

If you no longer need the shuttle, call 604 822 9929 as soon as possible to cancel your booking.

Step 2: Catch the shuttle

Please be at your shuttle stop on time. Once the shuttle arrives at your stop, it will wait a maximum of five minutes, depending on rider demand.

Look for shuttle signs at your stop location. This is where the shuttle will meet you. View the shuttle map for more details on where to go for your pick up.

Transfer times vary depending on road conditions, weather, and other rides. Please allow for up to 30 minutes from when you are picked up to when you are dropped off at the designated stop.

Hours of operation

The Accessibility Shuttle operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. The last ride of the day may be booked for 4:10 pm. 

After 4:10 pm, please contact AMS Safewalk if you feel unsafe travelling alone across campus. Safewalk operates from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am daily.

Areas served by the Accessibility Shuttle

The UBC Accessibility Shuttle provides pick-up and drop-off at designated stops. Pick-up locations for people arriving on campus are near the North, Fraser River, West, Rose, and Health Sciences parkades and near transit. Drop-off locations are at designated stops within the pedestrian core. The shuttle will return people to their chosen stop closest to their residence, parking, or transit location. Please refer to the shuttle map below for pick up or drop off location details.

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Shuttle stop locations

The following shuttle stop locations are shown in the map above:

Stop location Stop number Directions
North Parkade 1 At the West end of Student Union Blvd, under the shelter
Learners' Walk 2 Off Learners' Walk just east of the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre (IRSHDC)
Buchanan 3 At north side of Memorial Road at Learners' Walk
Koerner Library 4 At north end of Koerner Library just off Main Mall
Flagpole Plaza 5 At northwest corner of Flagpole Plaza near elevator to Rose Garden Parkade
Memorial Parking Lot 6 At southeast corner of West Mall and Memorial Road, across from walkway to second level of the Fraser River Parkade
First Nations Longhouse 7 Outside First Nations Longhouse by loading zone on Lower Mall, near walkway to Longhouse Lower Mall entrance
Marine Drive Residence 8 South of parking lot outside Marine Drive Residene Building #4, near The Point
West Parkade 9 On West Mall, at south end of Swing Space Building (next to 4th level parkade exit)
Henry Angus 10 On west side of Main Mall at walkway to Henry Angus Building main doors
Neville Scarfe 11 On west side of Main Mall at walkway to Neville Scarfe Building main doors
Earth Sciences 12 On west side of Main Mall at north end of Earth Sciences Building
H.R. MacMillan 13 On west side of Main Mall at walkway to the south end of H.R. MacMillan Building
Hugh Dempster 14  On Engineering Road in front of High Dempster Pavilion entrance
Health Sciences Parkade 15 Off Health Sciences Mall across the street from the parkade at pick-up/drop-off area next to UBC Hospital Purdy Pavilion
Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre 16 On East Mall at west end of the Alumni Centre
Ponderosa Commons 17 On West Mall, at the south end of the layby in front of Ponderosa Commons North

Due to the high volume of traffic and ongoing construction, the shuttle is not able to access the Main Bus Loop or the Trolley Bus Loop directly. 

Other areas of campus can be reached with proximate accessible parking or by using transit. Learn more about public transit on UBC campus.

Additional resources

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  • SPARC decal parking permits
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  • Centre for Accessibility
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If you have questions

  • For additional assistance or to book a ride, call 604 822 9929.
  • For comments, feedback, and inquiries, email accessibility.shuttle@ubc.ca.
  • If a shuttle staff member has acted inappropriately, please share your feedback with accessibility.shuttle@ubc.ca. The Centre for Accessibility takes client comments and feedback very seriously and will always try to respond promptly.