United Church of Canada Chaplain

About The United Church of Canada

The United Church is the largest Protestant Christian denomination in Canada. We minister close to 3 million people in over 3500 congregations across the country. The United Church was formed in 1925 as a union of Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalist Christians, and we continue to enjoy a diversity of faith expressions while communing as a single body. We are a church with a national presence from coast to coast with partners throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, where we support work that they see as vital to their well-being. More about the United Church of Canada can be found here.

Message from the Chaplain

Our world is more connected than ever. Yet, even in the midst of our fast-changing, interrelated world, we often find ourselves longing for a deeper sense of connection, rootedness, and authentic relationships. This desire can be especially strong during our University years.

The United Church Chaplaincy seeks to foster a community at UBC where these things can become a reality. We do this through: Extending Hospitality, Building Community, and Nurturing Faith and Spirituality.

We value openness, respect and diversity in conversation. At the same time, there are core convictions that guide and inform our conversations. We bring people together with their passions and their questions as an open and inclusive Christian community committed to exploring the mystery of God together and learning what it means to follow Jesus in this time and place. Join us in discovering the work of the Spirit in our lives and our communities as the way to a fuller life and a better world.

If you are looking for community, have any questions, or would just like to chat, I would love to meet you. I’m always available up for conversation over coffee or tea.

Community Activities and Worship Life

The Food and Faith Community

Food and Faith is the AMS Campus Club affiliated with the United Church. We find our roots in the broader Christian tradition, but seek to practice a generous hospitality in welcoming all people to join in our life together regardless of where they come from or who they may be.

We gather primarily for a weekly meal on Mondays at 5:30pm in room 218 of the Iona Building (6000 Iona Drive). Here we gather to strengthen friendships and to discern where the Spirit is moving in our lives and in our world. We do this by eating together, wrestling with the Biblical story and sharing our own stories. We believe that belonging comes before believing and seek to be an open, supportive and loving community that does its best to practice what we preach.

Other events throughout the year include speakers series, our “Church Crawl” where we visit a wide variety of religious communities and opportunities to serve and do justice. One of our more popular events is Yoga Chapel, a free drop-in yoga series framed by reflections on the words of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament that are woven throughout each asana practice. Website: www.foodandfaithubc.ca

University Hill Congregation

University Hill Congregation is the United Church of Canada congregation on campus that meets every Sunday at 10:30am at the Chapel of the Epiphany (6030 Chancellor Boulevard).

We are an all-ages Christian community of hospitality, a diverse church that travels light, a pilgrim people following Jesus in the world. We have been gathering at the University of British Columbia since 1928. We do not own a church building, but we worship in the Chapel of the Epiphany at the Vancouver School of Theology and make use of offices at VST for our ministry team. During the week we gather in homes and offices, in restaurants and coffee shops for conversations, meals, study and work.

We celebrate the varied ages and heritages of those who find home in our life together. Students from all corners of the globe come to be with us while studying at UBC. Families with infants and toddlers take part in worship along with beloved elders. The Congregation also includes many who live and work off of the UBC campus. It is made up of people from differing Christian traditions and of those with no Christian background. We intend to live with one another in a way that is respectful to all, including those who come into our life as guests and seekers. We look forward to making room in our midst for you. Website: www.uhill.ne

Chaplain profiles

Karen Hollis

United Church of Canada Chaplain - Karen Hollis

The university years are a rich time of personal growth as we emerge from the family nest and greet the world on our own. The world meets us with a myriad of joys and challenges as we navigate young adulthood and imagine a future. In the midst of the messiness of life, it’s comforting to know that we’re not alone. Humans are surprisingly resilient, particularly when we are held in community - it seems we can do just about anything if we have a friend to lean on, who can then lean on us in return. Food and Faith is a group of students who are committed to being community together - we eat, talk and read the Bible. For us, it’s more about being together and growing in our faith than how much we know about the Bible . . . though we learn from that, too. Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

Karen serves as the UBC Campus Minister for the United Church of Canada and on the pastoral staff at University Hill Congregation. She graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in physics and astronomy and holds a Master of Divinity from Seattle University. Karen served in churches around the Seattle area for 7 years before coming to UBC.

Karen is passionate about integrating faith life with the every day. She loves leading worship experiences that are innovative and engaging in a supportive and safe environment. Karen is passionate about working with young people and collaborating with them on a vision for the future church. Whether you are a long time Christian or interested in talking about the faith, she would love to chat with you over a beverage.

Scheduled services and events

Mondays Time Location More information

Monday Night Meal & Bible Study

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Chapel of the Epiphany

Email foodandfaithubc.ca


Time Location More information
Yoga Chapel

10:30 am - 12:30 pm; Oct 3, Nov 14, Dec 5

St. Andrew’s Hall Yoga Chapel
Sundays Time Location More information
Sunday Worship 10:30 am

Chapel of the Epiphany

Sunday Worship