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About Zen Buddhism

Zen practice contributes to the world by bringing harmony, compassion and ethical integrity into the lives of individuals and communities. Zen transforms how we live with one another and on the earth we share. In a university setting, Zen meditation can help people concentrate on their work and study, cope with the pressures of campus life, and relate better to the diversity of people encountered daily.

Beliefs in more detail

Zen develops our potential as human beings by cultivating our innate wisdom. This is realized and actualized in meditation practice, and extends into everyday life. Zen emphasizes self-realization – realization of the "true self" – through a simple but concentrated practice of contemplation and actualization. Zen practice builds confidence in the self that is ever-changing and inherently interconnected to the world we live in.

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Chaplain profile

Gareth Sirotnik

Zen Buddhist Chaplain - Gareth Sirotnik

Hearing UBC students say that Zen meditation practice helps them reduce stress and find a stronger core of being makes this the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

Gareth's background

  • BA History, Reed College, Portland, Oregon

  • Writer and communication consultant, Vancouver, 1972–

  • Long-time practitioner and formerly an ordained monk, Zen Centre of Vancouver

It’s deeply satisfying to hear UBC students say Zen meditation practice helps them reduce stress and focus better . . . but also helps them find a stronger core of being in responsive relationship to the world and people around them.


Scheduled services and events

Services and events Time Location

Zen meditation

Mondays 4:30 to 5:30 pm

Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30 pm

UBC Life Room 1501

More information

First-timers please arrive 15 minutes early for a brief introduction.

Zen Buddhist Chaplain Gareth Sirotnik is also available by prior arrangement for individual spiritual guidance during the hour before or after the usual meditation time. Please contact gareth@zen.ca for an appointment.