Affiliation Bursaries

About affiliation bursaries

Affiliation bursaries are based on financial need and require that students be connected to a specific group, such as:

  • Clubs
  • Trade unions
  • Companies
  • Geographic regions
  • Demographic groups

Am I eligible?

General requirements

To be considered for Affiliation Bursaries, you must:

Additional requirements

Some awards have additional requirements, which are listed in the application. You can also read the award descriptions before you start your application.

How to apply

You'll find detailed instructions on the application form, but before you start:

  • Some affiliated bursaries will require additional documentation in support of your application. Please ensure you have those documents before you submit your completed application. You will be deemed ineligible if you fail to provide these documents.
  • The application opens on Aug 15th, 2018 and closes on Sep 15th, 2018 (11:59 PM PST).

Before you apply

Before you apply, make sure you know what information and documents you'll need to submit.

Financial information

If you are a UBC student and have submitted the UBC Bursary Application in the Student Service Centre (SSC) (mandatory for UBC students to be considered for affiliation bursaries), we won't need additional financial information on this application. 

If you are not a UBC student, we'll require tax information from you and/or your parents (if applicable) and things like assets, resources, and income. We'll also need an estimate of your costs for the upcoming school year. 

Other documents

Read the award descriptions to find out what documents you'll need to submit before you apply. 

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