Rhodes Scholarship

About the scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarships, established in 1902, were designed to bring outstanding students from across the world to study at Oxford University in the interests of promoting international understanding and public service. Eleven Canadians are selected each year to join a class of 84 Scholars from across the world.

The Scholarships cover all approved fees for a second bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree in addition to a stipend for living expenses for two years.

In 2016, Rob Ragotte was the successful BC recipient of a nearly $150,000 Rhodes Scholarship. He is enrolled in the PhD program in Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine and plans on pursing a career as a clinician-scientist.

In 2015, Logan Graham was the successful BC Rhodes Scholarship recipient. He is enrolled in the D.Phil (PhD) in Machine Learning.

Am I eligible?

Please go to the Rhodes Scholarship Trust website to review the criteria for the scholarship including:

To submit your official application on the Rhodes website, you must obtain an authorization code from UBC. A code will be provided once your pre-application is approved by the UBC Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee. If you are UBC alumni, please contact rhodes.inquiry@ubc.ca to obtain more information about the application process.

We encourage applicants to research the academic programs offered at Oxford prior to submitting their application. A competitive applicant is able to adequately express their suitability for a program that supports their academic ambitions. Please consult the Oxford website for more information on academic programs.

UBC’s Rhodes Scholarship selection

Students who have met the criteria defined by the Rhodes Scholarship Trust and the UBC Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee will be contacted by email to attend an invitation-only information session in September. They will also be provided with detailed application instructions. If you have not received an invitation and feel you meet the spirit and criteria of the Rhodes Scholarship program, please contact the UBC Scholarship Selection Committee.


July/August 2018

UBC Rhodes Information Session (in person).

July/August 2018

UBC Rhodes Information Session (webinar)

Sept 2018

UBC Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee application deadline for UBC students and alumni. Email your completed application with all requested documents as a single PDF document to rhodes.inquiry@ubc.ca. No extensions will be granted.

Sept 2018

Interviews with shortlisted UBC applicants.

Sept 2018

UBC selections will be completed and successful candidates will be contacted.
Sept 2018 Complete application including official transcripts and reference letters for approved candidates must be received by the Rhodes Regional Selection Committee.

Sept 2018

Reference letters for approved candidates must be received by the BC Rhodes Regional Selection Committee.

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Please include your full name and student number in your email.

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