UBC Bursary Program

About the bursary

The UBC Bursary Program is designed to help fill your “unmet need,” which is the gap between your assessed educational and living costs, and your available government assistance and expected financial contributions.

Eligibility for bursaries will not guarantee that the full amount of unmet need is covered. Funding awarded will depend on the demands of the UBC Bursary Program for the study period to which you have applied, available funding from departments and faculties, and eligibility of programs for consideration.

Your unmet need is determined by:

  • The provincial need assessment calculation based on StudentAid BC policies
  • UBC adjusted need assessment
  • The unmet need of other bursary applicants and bursary-eligible students
  • The eligibility of your program and the bursary funding available for your program, as mandated by Policy 72 - Access to University of British Columbia

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have refugee status

  • Apply for the UBC Bursary Program by the deadline

  • Be receiving full-time Canadian government student loans in the same study period you are applying for bursary support

  • Have your enrolment confirmed for your Canadian government student loans by the bursary deadline

  • Have an assessed unmet financial need using the provincial need assessment calculation based on StudentAid BC policies regarding income and assets

  • Be enrolled in an eligible program with a full-time course load

  •  Students enrolled in Certificate, Diploma, Unclassified, Qualifying, Visiting, Access, and UBC Co-op term are not eligible

UBC Access Promise for eligible BC students

The UBC Access Promise program automatically assesses bursary funding for eligible BC students meeting the below program criteria.

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to submit a bursary application to be considered for maximum eligible bursary support.

Access Promise criteria:

  • Meet UBC Bursary Program criteria
  • Be registered in an eligible undergraduate degree program
  • Have received the maximum Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students
  • Have received a full-time student loan through StudentAid BC
  • For Vancouver campus:
    • Be classified by StudentAid BC as a Dependent student who is considered to be dependent on a financial sponsor, such as parent(s), OR
    • Self-identified as an indigenous person
  • For Okanagan campus: 
    • Self-identified as an indigenous person

Eligible Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of International Economics
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
  • Bachelor of Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science Natural Resources Conservation
  • Bachelor of Science in Wood Products Processing
  • Bachelor of Forestry
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Global Resource Systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Urban Forestry

All students receiving a full-time student loan through the Student Financial Aid office of BC or through other provinces (not BC) must apply for the UBC Bursary Program through the bursary application process in order to be considered for bursary support. Applications must be received by the bursary deadline.

Your student loans must be confirmed by the bursary deadline of September 15 (Winter) or June 1 (Summer) to be eligible for UBC bursaries. To make sure you meet this deadline, we strongly recommend that you apply by July 15 for Winter Session and March 31 for Summer Session bursaries.

All UBC bursary funding is subject to financial reviews and audits performed by Enrolment Services. If you are selected for a financial review or audit, you may be asked to provide additional supporting documents.  For example: 

  • Rental agreement and payment receipt
  • Bank statement (student and/or parent)
  • Tax returns, child care receipts, and other similar documents evidencing financial need

Failure to provide the requested documents in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of your UBC bursary funding.

How to apply

Application period

Winter: August 15 – September 15
Summer: May 1 – June 1

Apply on SSC

    Accepting your offer

    We will notify bursary recipients through the email you have provided on the SSC. Double check that your email address is current and that UBC is on your safe sender list.

    We will update your SSC account with an offer letter outlining your bursary amount and disbursement dates.

    You must accept your offer(s) on the SSC in the Finances section. Your funding will not be disbursed until you have accepted the award offer. Bursary offers not accepted within the study period will be cancelled.

    Changes to your financial situation

    • If you are facing unexpected financial distress or have had a significant change to your financial situation, contact an Enrolment Services Advisor. They can help you through this difficult time and make sure you get the support you need.
    • If you have been awarded a bursary and have recently come into additional resources not reported on your bursary application, you must report this to your Enrolment Services Advisor

      Other financial support programs


      I haven't applied for my student loan yet. Can I submit a bursary application?

      Yes. You can apply for the UBC Bursary Program before your loan application is complete. However, UBC will need to confirm your enrolment for your loan prior to the bursary application deadline.

      I have loans from a province other than BC. How do I ensure my bursary eligibility?

      If you are receiving a student loan through Quebec or Newfoundland and Labrador Student Financial Assistance, bring your Loan Certificate to the Advising Centre in Brock Hall before the bursary deadline to have your enrolment confirmed for your loan funding. For all other provinces issuing the loan where the loan certificates are sent directly to UBC, the certificates must be received before the bursary deadline.

      Are there any programs at UBC that aren't eligible for bursary support?

      All Non-Degree Studies student categories (Certificate, Diploma, Unclassified, Qualifying, Visiting, and Access) and students enrolled in a UBC Co-op term are not eligible for bursary funding. 

      Am I eligible for bursary support during my Co-op term?

      Students enrolled in an approved UBC Co-op term are not eligible for bursary funding during their Co-op term(s).  Students who have received bursary funds before Co-op registration has been added for the current study period will have their bursary reassessed accordingly and funds will be recovered.

      Am I eligible for bursary support if I am only applying for a Term 2 loan?

      Winter Term 2 bursary application is open from December 15th to January 15th.  Students with full-time Canadian government student loan starting in Winter Term 2 can apply via Student Service Centre (SSC).  Loan must be confirmed by January 15th to be considered for bursary eligibility.  Please note Winter Term 2 bursary is eligible for students enrolling in Vancouver campus.

      If you have any financial support inquiries, please contact please contact Student Services for Okanagan campus, and Enrolment Services Advisor for Vancouver campus. Don't have an advisor?

      Is there any bursary support for high-cost professional degree programs?

      Graduate programs designated as professional programs are eligible for faculty-funded or donor-funded bursaries specifically identified to their particular program. Faculty-funded bursaries are subject to faculty budget approval, and therefore, are not guaranteed. All graduate students must submit a bursary application through the Student Service Centre (SSC) by the deadline.

      How will my bursary funds be issued?

      Bursary will be issued as a payment to your tuition account first. If there are no overdue or imminently due tuition or student fees, the funds will be issued to you via a cheque or direct deposit.  Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit to ensure timely access to bursary funds. To sign up for direct deposit, please add your banking details in the SSC under Finances > Banking Details > Direct Deposit. Please note, this is a separate function from tuition payments made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and UBC payroll direct deposit. You can learn more about direct deposits here.

      What happens to bursary cheques that are lost or not picked up?

      Your bursary cheque may be cancelled if the cheque is not picked up before the last day of your program study period and/or deposited within 5 months from the cheque issuance date, whichever period is shorter.  For replacement of a lost cheque, please contact your ES Advisor.

      What happens if I forget to accept my bursary offer?

      Students are required to accept their bursary offer as soon as possible and no later than the last day of the study period they applied for funding. Students who do not accept their bursary within their loan study period will have their bursary cancelled.

      Why is UBC Access Promise not available to students from other Canadian provinces or territories?

      UBC does not have access to need assessment and Canada Student Grant information for students from other Canadian provinces or territories. In order for UBC to determine a student’s financial need, students from Canadian provinces or territories must provide their financial profile using the bursary application through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

      Contact us - Vancouver students

      Contact us - Okanagan students