Third-party authorization


Add third-party authorization

Third-Party Authorizations give your consent to the release of select information from your student records to a third party. Your third party will not be able to make changes to your record.

  1. Log into your Student Service Centre (SSC).

  2. Select "Third-Party Authorizations" under Personal Info.

  3. Click "Add a New Contact" and enter your third party's contact information and relationship to you.

  4. Under Area, select the area(s) of your record to share with your third party.

  5. Provide your third party with the authorization code you assigned them. UBC services will require this prior to releasing information.

Types of third-party authorization

Admission information 

Information related to your application for admission to UBC, including application content and status, documentation, and transcripts.

Student Housing Information

Residence fee and room assignment information.

Medical Information

Information about medical documentation submitted to UBC, such as doctor's notes.

This does not include information held by UBC Student Health Services or UBC Counselling Services, which is especially sensitive. You will need to get a separate authorization for these services.

Academic record information

Information about your academic record including biographical details, registration, grades, academic standing, timetable, tuition and fees, degree and enrolment confirmation.

Financial Assistance & Awards

Information about your financial assistance and award status including student loans, bursaries, scholarships and financial need. Registration, grades, fees and admission status may also be released if applicable.

Document Pick up

The release of documents related to your application, admission, registration, academic record, and financial assistance and awards at UBC.

Documents that require payment, such as transcripts or replacement diplomas, must be ordered by the student before the third party picks it up, through the Student Service Centre. Documents cannot be ordered in person by the third party.