Changing your degree program or campus

Eligibility requirements

You must meet all of the following requirements if you’re planning to change your degree program at the same campus or switch to another campus:

If you're changing programs

  • Make sure you submit all the documents required from your new program by the application deadline. Some degree programs may require a portfolio, supplemental application, or Personal Profile.
  • At least 50% of your required credits must be completed under your new program for you to graduate.
  • Research the degree requirements for your intended program of study. Degree program requirements are unique to each program, regardless of campus.

Additional resources

If you are changing campuses

If you are applying to change to a program at another campus, talk to an Academic Advisor in the program you wish to attend. You must determine how your previously completed courses can meet registration and degree requirements.

Course equivalencies between campuses

UBC courses are eligible for credit towards a UBC degree program on either campus. This means credits from a different campus will not be converted to transfer credit, but may be equivalent to credits for a similar course, also known as course equivalency.

  • Credits that are determined to be equivalent between campuses can be used to satisfy course-specific degree requirements.
  • Credits that are not equivalent can be applied to degree requirements as discipline-specific or general elective credit.

Use the UBC Equivalency Search tool to check if a UBC course is equivalent between campuses.

If a course does not appear on the Equivalency Search tool, then it does not have an established equivalency and may be applied towards degree requirements as discipline-specific or general elective credit. Please speak to an Academic Advisor to find out how your credits may be applied.

How to apply

Visit the Applicant Service Centre and log in with your CWL. You can then select the “Re-admission/Change Program” option and will be asked to follow next steps.

Applying to change your degree program doesn’t mean giving up your seat in your current program. You do not give up your current spot until you accept your offer to a new program and register in courses.

If you have questions