Course change dates

Find add and drop deadlines for your courses.

Making changes to your courses

Before the add/drop deadline

Before the add/drop deadline of each term, you may add, drop, change, or request Credit/D/Fail for your courses on the Course Schedule without having the record of registration shown on your academic record. Depending on when you withdraw from your courses, you may be eligible for a tuition refund.

After the add/drop deadline

  • To add a course, you'll need permission from your faculty. You’ll also be required to submit the Change of Registration (Add/Drop) Form.
  • You will not be able to switch between Credit/D/Fail and percentage grading. 
  • You will receive a “W” standing on your academic record if you choose to drop a course after the deadline—talk to your academic advising office if you are facing extenuating circumstances that require you to do so.

What is a W standing? 

A "W" standing is noted on a student’s transcript when they withdraw from a course after the add/drop deadline. While it is not used for computing averages, it may impact applications for future studies.

Summer Session

Course change dates vary in the Summer Session depending on the start and end date and length of the course. See individual course information within the Course Schedule.

For further information, consult the Academic Calendar.

Winter Session 2021/22

For course-specific add/drop deadlines, look up your course information in the Course Schedule.

Courses Deadline to add or drop a course without a W Deadline to drop a course with a W
Term 1, or Distance Education Term A September 20, 2021

October 29, 2021

Term 1 & 2 courses, or Distance Education Term B September 27, 2021 November 26, 2021
Term 2, or Distance Education Term C January 21, 2022 March 4, 2022
Distance Education Term D January 28, 2022 April 8, 2022

Auditing courses

If you choose to audit a course, you will be taking the course without seeking a grade or credit for the course.

Courses Deadline for changing auditing status
Term 1 courses September 20, 2021
Term 1 & 2 courses September 27, 2021
Term 2 courses January 21, 2022

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