How to register for courses

Find out when you register

UBC Enrolment Services will email you about 2 weeks before your registration opens to let you know that your date and time are available. You will then be able to see your registration date and time by logging in to the Course Schedule

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Pay your deposit

Starting Winter Session 2021, the registration deposit has been removed from most undergraduate degree programs. Registration deposits are required for most certificates and diplomas.

If you are required to pay a registration deposit, you will see your deposit in your Student Service Centre (SSC) under “Pay Fees”, once your registration date has been released.

You will need to pay it before your registration date. It may take a day or two for your payment to be processed, depending on how you paid.

  • If you're new to UBC, you must pay a non-refundable acceptance deposit which will count as your first registration deposit.
  • If you’re a returning student, you cannot refund nor transfer your registration deposit to a future session once you register for a course within the session of the deposit.

Both acceptance and registration deposits will be counted towards your tuition fees for the session you register in.

2021/22 Winter Session courses

Courses are primarily in-person, with the expectation that students will attend on campus. Learn more about course delivery options for the 2021/22 Winter Session.

Course planning

Check your program requirements

You can find general degree requirements and specific requirements for each program in the Academic Calendar.

If you need help with degree requirements or course planning, contact your academic advising office.

Build your worklists

Worklists are a list of courses and other required sections (tutorial, lab, or discussion) that you can create before you register to help you plan out your courses.

After logging into the course schedule, you can create multiple worklists, in case one or more of the courses on your first worklist is full. To create a worklist, select "New worklist" from the right top sidebar. You will be able to see all of the worklists you have created. You can add lectures, standard timetables, and other course components to existing worklists. 

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Registering for classes

Registration tips

  • Courses fill up quickly, so register as early as you can. 
  • Have multiple worklists ready in case courses are full.
  • If you have a registration block, you may be missing a prerequisite. Contact your faculty advising office for help.
  • After you register, you can add or drop classes until the course change deadline.

If you're still having trouble, you can always watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to register.

Common registration issues

If you're having trouble registering, make sure that:

  • You are eligible to register for the session and meet any required prerequisites
  • You are registering on or after your registration date and time
  • You have paid your registration deposit if applicable (continuing students) or acceptance deposit (newly admitted students)
  • You have paid any other outstanding fees

For technical problems with the Student Service Centre (SSC), click on "Technical Support" on the SSC home page.

What can I do if my course is full?

If you've found the course you want but it's full, don't worry. This may happen often, particularly with required courses. 

  • You can check to see if a waitlist (WL) section of the course is available.
  • You can contact the department to see if other sections of the course will be released.
  • You can contact the professor of the course to see if they would be willing to assist in pushing you into the course or if they are keeping a waiting list.
  • If this is your final year of study and the course is required, your faculty or department will generally see if it is possible to push you into the required course.

See student tips

If you need help

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