Check out the following tutorials for step-by-step instructions on a range of topics related to life as an international student.

Different types of letters you may need

Proof of Enrolment Letter (SSC)

Enrolment Letter (Academic Advising)

Program Completion Letter (SSC)

What is it?

A standard letter proving your enrolment in a given session

A personalized letter with detailed information about your academic enrolment, specifically your academic progress and expected completion date A standard letter confirming the completion of your program requirements

When do I need it?

To extend your study permit

To prove you are a full-time student (e.g. to show to an employer)

To extend/apply for a new study permit ONLY in non-standard situations (e.g. your studies are taking longer than usual; you took a break from studies for military service)

To confirm your anticipated program completion date

To apply for a post-graduation work permit after you complete your program but before written confirmation of your completion is available (e.g. official transcript)

How do I get it?

  1. Log on to the SSC
  2. Select “Grades & Records”
  3. Select “Proof of Enrolment Letters”

If you are a student in a non-standard situation (ONLY necessary if the relevant information is unclear in your SSC Proof of Enrolment letter), email your Enrolment Services Advisor, subject line: “request for a tailored enrolment letter”

  • If you do not have an Enrolment Services Advisor (e.g. graduate students), email: questions@askme.ubc.ca
  • If your request is urgent, go to Brock Hall in person

Undergraduate students: Request a letter from your Academic Advising Office

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students: Request a letter from your department staff or academic supervisor

  1. Log on to the SSC
  2. Select “Grades & Records”
  3. Select “Program Completion Letter”

If your request is urgent, ask your academic advising office (undergrads) or department staff (grads)