Awards: scholarships and bursaries

UBC and our donors provide a range of financial support to reward your academic and extracurricular achievements and meet your financial needs.

Award types

The most common types of awards administered by UBC are:


Scholarships are merit-based awards for academic achievement. Other merit awards for community involvement or athletic achievements may also be available.


Bursaries are assessed based on unmet financial need. Student awards based only on financial need are not shown on a student's transcript. 

You can find a full list of how UBC defines different types of awards in the Academic Calendar.

General awards

Awards for specific student groups

UBC Award Search

The UBC Award Search is a listing of UBC scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and awards. You can find information on award criterias, descriptions on the faculty, scholarship donor, and student reference.

Search UBC awards

External awards

You may be eligible for awards offered by external groups. The awards below are not managed by UBC. 

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If you have questions

Please contact your Enrolment Services Advisor directly. If you do not have an assigned advisor, they are still available to help.