Awards for students with disabilities

About the awards

Twenty awards (scholarships and bursaries) are available for students with disabilities. Awards range in value and eligibility criteria.


Scholarships are based on merit such as academic achievement, community involvement, or leadership. 


Bursaries are based on demonstrated financial need. 

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Am I eligible?

General award requirements

To be eligible to apply for these awards, you must:

  • Read through the awards descriptions to view eligibility criteria.

  • Be a student with a disability

  • If you haven't registered with Access & Diversity, you'll be required to provide supporting documentation

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Be considered a full-time student

  • Meet the terms for awards eligibility set out in UBC's Regulations Governing University Awards

  • Demonstrate financial need (see below) for bursaries

Some awards will consider applicants who are not students with a disability but show a demonstrated interest in disability-related issues. Read the award descriptions on the application to determine your eligibility.

Please note that no supplemental application is necessary to apply. The online application form is sufficient for adjudication purposes.

How to apply

You'll find detailed instructions on the application form, but before you start:  

  • Make sure you have everything you need to apply before you start the application, including all required financial information (see below)
  • If you have applied to the UBC Bursary Program, you won't be required to provide financial information on this application

Information you'll need to apply

Before you apply for awards, make sure you know what information and documents you'll need to submit.

Financial information

If you applied for the UBC Bursary Program last year, we won't need financial information on this application. 

If you didn't apply for the UBC Bursary, we'll require tax information from you and/or your parents (if applicable) and things like assets, resources, and income.

We'll also need an estimate of your costs for the upcoming school year - you can use the UBC Cost Calculator to help figure out your expenses. 

Other documents

Read the award descriptions to find out if there are documents you'll need to submit before you apply. 


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