Access your student tax forms on the Student Service Centre.

Tax years and academic years

Tax forms are issued for the previous tax year, which spans from January to December. As the academic year runs from September to August, your tax form will include amounts from terms spanning two academic years.

For example, in 2019, you will receive tax forms for the 2018 tax year.

2018 tax year includes:

  • 2017 Winter Term 2 (2018 January - April)
  • 2018 Summer Term 1 (2018 May - June)
  • 2018 Summer Term 2 (2018 July - August)
  • 2018 Winter Term 1 (2018 September - December)

Tax forms

UBC issues the following tax forms on the Student Service Centre (SSC) in late-February. 


The T2202 tax certificate is issued to students registered in eligible courses and programs used for filing income taxes. The certificate contains the amount of eligible tuition and/or fees paid for the tax year and the number of months a student was registered (full-time or part-time). Previous to the 2019 tax year this form was known as the T2202A.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) on your T2202

Your tax certificate will include the Social Insurance Number UBC has on file for you. Provide your SIN to be included on your T2202 through the SSC under Personal Info > SIN/ITN/PENOUAC/IB Change.

If you need to change or update your SIN, please visit the Advising Centre in Brock Hall (Vancouver) or the Student Services, University Centre 206Z (Okanagan) with your SIN card to have it updated.

Non-residents of Canada are not required to provide a SIN unless you have earned income while in Canada.

T2202 amendments

If any information on your tax certificate has been changed after originally being issued, an amendment will be noted. These changes will be made by your faculty or Enrolment Services and updated at the end of each month.

T2202A (For 2018 and previous years)

Starting in 2019, the T2202A was replaced by the T2202.

A tax receipt issued to students for tuition and fees paid toward courses eligible for income tax reporting purposes in the previous tax year. The number of months enrolled at UBC in full time or part-time studies are also included on the tax receipt.

Consult with the CRA Income Tax folio on Qualifying Student and Education Tax Credit for further guidance on how to use T2202A for your tax return.  You may also choose to consult with a tax professional if necessary.  See free resources below.


If you have received a bursary, scholarship, award, Teacher Certificate, Passport to Education or Faculty/Staff Tuition Fee Waiver as a dependant, then you will be issued a T4A. The amount on your T4A shows the total funding you received in the tax year, which may not equal the total you received for the academic year.

Will I have to pay tax on my funding?

In most cases, getting a T4A form does not mean that you'll have to pay tax on the funding you received. While UBC is required to report awards or funding to the Canada Revenue Agency and issue a T4A form, students are not required to report T4A amounts as long they are also claiming an educational amount, as in the T2202A. 

You will be able to find T4A forms back to 2009 the SSC. If you need a T4A from before 2009, please contact Enrolment Services.

Note: If you were employed by UBC on a co-op work term, as a TA or RA, or any other position (such as work-learn), you'll receive a T4 tax form on the UBC HR's self-serve website.


If you are filing taxes in the U.S. you may be asked to produce the Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, used for qualified tuition and related expenses paid during the tax year. UBC is an eligible educational institution because of participation in the US Direct Loan Program.

UBC does not issue the Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement. As a Canadian institution, UBC only provides Canadian federal (T2202A) tax receipts.

Claiming tuition and related expenses without a 1098-T

For the most up to date information on claiming tuition and related expenses without a 1098-T go to Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

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