Access your student tax forms on the Student Service Centre.

Tax years and academic years

Tax forms are issued for the previous tax year, which runs January-December. The academic year runs September-August, so your tax form may include amounts from two academic years.

Your tax forms for the 2018 tax year will include terms from the 2017/18 academic years:

Term Period
2017 Winter Term 2 January - April
2018 Summer Term 1 May - June
2018 Summer Term 2 July - August
2018 Winter Term 1 September - December

Tax forms

UBC issues the following tax forms on the Student Service Centre (SSC) in mid February. 


Tax credit amount for the tuition and fees paid in the last tax year. 

All current students receive a T2202A for tuition and student fees for the previous tax year. You can use this in your own tax return, or transfer the amount to a family member. Get details on the Canada Revenue Agency website


If you have received a bursary, scholarship, award, Teacher Certificate, Passport to Education or Faculty/Staff Tuition Fee Waiver as a dependant, then you will be issued a T4A. The amount on your T4A shows the total funding you received in the tax year, which may not equal the total you received for the academic year.

Will I have to pay tax on my funding?

In most cases, getting a T4A form does not mean that you'll have to pay tax on the funding you received. While UBC is required to report awards or funding to the Canada Revenue Agency and a T4A form, students are not required to report T4A amounts as long they are also claiming an educational amount, as in the T2202A. 

You will be able to find T4A forms back to 2009 the SSC. If you need a T4A from before 2009, please contact Enrolment Services.

Note about T4 forms for students: If you were employed by UBC on a co-op work term, as a TA or RA, or any other position, you'll receive a T4 tax form on the UBC HR's self-serve website.


If you are filing taxes in the U.S. you may be asked to produce the Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, used for qualified tuition and related expenses paid during the tax year. UBC is an eligible educational institution because of participation in the US Direct Loan Program.

UBC does not issue the Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement. As a Canadian institution, UBC only provides Canadian federal (T2202A) tax receipts.

Claiming tuition and related expenses without a 1098-T

For the most up to date information on claiming tuition and related expenses without a 1098-T go to Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

Confirmation of Enrolment Letter for RESP providers

Do I need a stamp for my RESP form?

No. You can print your own official document from the Grades & Records tab of your SSC account – you can even create a letter for previous years and sessions. The following RESP providers accept the UBC proof of enrolment generated from the SSC:

  • Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan
  • Heritage Education Funds
  • Children’s Education Funds
  • Knowledge First Financial

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