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Awards Nominations

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Know an outstanding individual or organization who you think deserves recognition? Nominate your peers for one of the three awards! Applications for Nestor Korchinsky, Faces of Today, and Showcase Awards are now open!

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Nestor Korchinsky

In honour of Nestor Korchinsky, the founder of UBC REC, the Nestor Korchinsky Award is intended to recognize one student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to student leadership and service to his or her community. The recipient for the Nestor Korchinsky Award will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference in January.

Nominations for the Nestor Korchinsky Award close October 6th at 11:59PM.

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Faces of Today

The Faces of Today Awards are intended to recognize outstanding student leaders for their sustained leadership achievements and their efforts to innovate, improve and shape the life on and off campus. Every year, 8 student leaders are selected as the Faces of Today and announced as the recipients before the conference.

Nominations for Faces of Today Awards close on October 13th at 11:59PM.

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Showcase Awards

Established in 2011, the monthly Showcase Awards aim to recognize student-led initiatives across campus that have contributed positively to the UBC community and have the potential to impact the community with a pressing cause or issue.

Nominations for Showcase Awards close on September 29th at 11:59PM.

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SLC 2017 Award Winners

Nestor Korchinsky Student Leadership Award

Philip Edgcumbe

Philip is an innovator, entrepreneur, visionary, and community-builder.  His goal is to improve the lives of millions of patients by pursuing his passion of biomedical engineering research.  As an MDPhD student at UBC, Philip is learning to speak the language of doctors and engineers. He has invented, patented and licensed a medical device and has been part of two biomedical start-up companies. He spent the summer of 2016 in the Silicon Valley at Singularity University where he focused on the application of exponential technology in medicine.

Philip is passionate about advocating for and building the UBC student community.  To that end, he has served as the Science One Survivors President, Vice-Chair of the UBC Senate, Chair of the UBC AMS Advisory Board for Business and Administration and co-founder of the UBC Technology in Medicine Club.  He is energized by meeting and working with other student leaders who share his vision for a better university and world.

Philip is a recipient of the UBC Thunderbird Men's Field Hockey Award, the Ahmad Bhimani Memorial Scholarship, the UBC Wesbrook Scholar Award, the HSBC Emerging Leader Scholarship award and the Nestor Korchinsky award.

Faces of Today

Eric Zhao

Faces of Today Award Winner - Eric Zhao

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Eric is currently a Graduate Student at the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. During his time at UBC, he was involved in several programs and has served the community in several roles. Eric was an orientations squad leader and Science Peer Academic Coach. As VP Academic of the UBC Physics Society, he created a tutoring service targeted at first year students. He volunteered with the Transition Program, an accelerated secondary school, teaching music for their annual winter concert and even giving two commencement addresses. During medical school, Eric was a mentor in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Research Experience Program. Moreover, Eric served as the President of the Medical Undergraduate Society and implemented the Medical Education Committee in order to ensure the needs of members were met and student leaders received the support they needed. As a person and leader, Eric is approachable and generous with time, always genuinely interested in offering support to colleagues. This quality has allowed Eric to understand and address the challenges his peers face and seek targeted solutions.

Lara Therrien Boulos

Faces of Today Award Winner - Lara Therrien Boulos

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Lara is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning with a special focus on re-including communities often excluded from planning processes, including First Nations communities. As a leader in the urban planning department, at UBC and in the wider community, Lara's central drive for action is to change systems of power and to push things in new directions.

Lara is the president of the Planning Student Association and has made a considerable impact through this role. She brought together students, faculty and staff members to partly remodel the Master of Community and Regional Planning degree to be more student-oriented and more focused on making an impact on the greater community.

Lara excels at recognizing problems and potential for change, and is willing to take the necessary steps in her roles to make the community more inclusive and to reduce injustice.

Sneha Balani

Faces of Today Award Winner - Sneha Balani

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Sneha is currently a PhD student in the Faculty of Medicine. She has been continuously impacting the community at UBC and beyond through various roles and organisations. Sneha is a Residence Advisor and has achieved a higher involvement of graduate students in Residence Life through her positive attitude and impactful efforts. She is also currently the Chair of the Graduate Student Society Strategic Planning Committee, where she stands out through her vision and empathy for students and student leaders. Sneha has also been involved with Let's Talk Science and is now serving on the National Advisory Board of Stem Cell Talks. Furthermore, Sneha's research has been published in the Nature magazine and has made wide-ranging impact in stem cell research.As a leader, Sneha leads by example, approaching situations creatively with the intent of making change.

Rohit Singla

Faces of Today Award Winner - Rohit Singla

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Rohit is currently a graduate student in the Faculty of Applied Science and has focused on bridging the gap between engineering and medicine. He co-founded the UBC Technology in Medicine Club to promote synergies between the two fields and has been involved in organizing Hatching Health.

Rohit’s leadership story started when he attended high school. His numerous involvements include coaching football, presenting at the International Medical Imaging and Augmenting Reality Conference and creating a weekly radio show called Sharing Science.

Rohit is continuously challenging the status quo to serve the community around him, as his vision is to make UBC a globally leading university synonymous to Stanford or MIT.

Shivani Mysuria

Faces of Today Award Winner - Shivani Mysuria

Find out more about Shivani

Shivani is an outstanding leader and communicator, as well as an inspiration to her fellow students. Shivani is in her third year of her undergraduate program in the Faculty of Science. She is strongly committed to advancing health care systems in developing countries and raising awareness for diseases. Shivani has revitalized the Indo-Africa Charitable Society’s medical mission program, which resulted in helping over 14,000 patients. She has helped to develop dental hygiene workshops in Uganda and is the co-president of the UBC Canadian Liver Foundation, as well as the UBC Huntington’s Disease Club.

Shivani has brought communities closer together on a global and local scale. She founded Children’s Birthday Miracles in Vancouver and the Young Companions Visiting Program that connects elders facing depression and loneliness with students.

Jaelem Bhate

Jaelem Bhate

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Jaelem is currently an undergraduate student at the UBC School of Music studying Percussion. Before transferring into the Percussion program, Jaelem was studying Math in the Faculty of Science. Through his determination and hard work, he managed to surpass the required standards for several subjects.

Jaelem is an aspiring composer and conducted the 45th Avenue Jazz Band, as well as the Vancouver Pops Symphony. Thanks to his previous achievements as a conductor, he is currently involved with developing a new musical ensemble at UBC that he will be leading.

Jaelem has an unconventional approach to music and challenges the status quo by taking on roles unrelated to percussion. He also actively gives back to the community and works hard to provide opportunities to those who otherwise would not have them.

Scott Henry

Scott Henry

FInd out more about Scott

Scott unites two characteristics that make him a remarkable leader – self-drive and humility. He is currently a third year undergraduate student at the UBC Sauder School of Business studying Business and Computer Science. His motto for his university experience is to have as many diverse experiences as possible. Scott demonstrates this commitment to diversity and versatility through his involvement. He has been part of Best Buddies, Kidogo, ARC Rwanda and the UBC Sauder Philanthropy Program for several years. He represented Canada at the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance Conference and explored how plastic water bottles can power entrepreneurship in Tanzania with the World Bank’s ReFab Dar initiative.

 Kaidie Williams 

Kaidie Williams

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Kaidie is currently in her fourth year of her undergraduate degree in the UBC Faculty of Arts. She has been “disrupting ordinary” in numerous ways as a Residence Advisor, President of the Model UN Student Association and as a Student Senator. Through these roles, as well as her passionate and fearless character, she has lent her voice to smaller groups on campus and has inspired others to do so as well.

Kaidie has demonstrated global citizenship and concern for global issues through numerous international experiences, such as conducting research in Mexico. She is radiating her passion for the causes and initiatives she is involved in and continues to inspire a new generation of student leaders.

Showcase Awards

Roots on the Roof

SLC Showcase Awards Winner Roots on the Roof

Find out more about Roots on the Roof

Roots on the Roof creates a communal space celebrating sustainable and just food systems through healthy relationships with food, other people, and the natural world. Through the rooftop garden at the AMS Nest, they create an inclusive space for social engagement. They provide opportunities to explore, learn, and actively take part in food system initiatives. 

Roots on the Roof is unique in that it not only grows sustainable food, but also focuses on making the garden an inclusive space where students and community can feel that it is their own. Key components to this project are the club’s emphasis on the overlooked themes of food security and food justice. They provide inclusive education to the UBC community, and consider issues such as income, environmental history, and how spaces have been settled, colonized, destroyed, and remade.

In 2015, Roots on the Roof grew and distributed 945 lbs. of food. They also held canning workshops, planting events, a food storytelling project, and artistic initiatives such as a lantern festival. Roots on the Roof has created a positive, educational community around food, while being completely directed by students. Through their multidimensional perspective, they help the UBC community see all of the essential relationships that their food has.

To find out more about Roots on the Roof, visit their website and Facebook page.

Promoting Trans Literacies Workshops

Showcase Award Recipient - Promoting Trans Literacies Workshop

Find out more the Trans Literacies workshop

The Trans Literacies workshop series has been designed to identify and challenge cisnormativity, where particular university structures and pedagogical approaches frame cisgender identities and experiences as ‘ordinary,’ and trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit and gender-nonconforming identities and experiences as extraordinary, exceptional or abnormal. The workshop series is facilitating change on campus by engaging students at all levels, as well as staff and faculty, in a frank discussion about the impact of cisnormativity and how it manifests in the classroom, in course content, in student housing, at student health services, and within the university’s information systems (Connect, Course Feedback, Admissions, etc).

By challenging workshop participants to consider how cisnormativity operates on campus and providing them with the tools to counter these policies, practices and pedagogies, this workshop series is making a lasting impact. It is providing staff, faculty and students with a framework to understand how cisgender identities and experiences are rendered ‘ordinary,’ and the harm that this rendering does for trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit and gender-nonconforming folks on campus.

To find out more about the Trans Literacies workshop, visit their website.


Showcase Award Recipient - DisPLACEmeant

Find out more about DisPLACEmeant

‪DisPLACEmeant is a media arts production and outreach program that provides Indigenous and Refugee youth with an opportunity to make and share videos about their experiences of displacement from their homelands and their subsequent disconnection from traditional ways of life, knowledge, and support systems. The initiative reflects a healthy balance between innovative approaches (developing interactive activities and utilizing online platforms to engage broader audiences) and well-established Access to Media Education Society practices of utilizing a mentor-centered intensive production model that creatively inspires and illuminates the essential role the media arts can play in a youth’s personal transformation, cultural regeneration, and resilience. As well, the initiative aims to re-imagine how we can best leverage the power and strength of people-to-people relationships in order to enhance unity, harmony, and intercultural understanding.

Graduate Management Consulting Association

Showcase Award Recipient - Graduate Management Consulting Association

Find out more about GMCA

The Graduate Management Consulting Association (GMCA) serves as a catalyst for students interested in industry, business and entrepreneurship to learn about business administration and explore careers in management consulting. The UBC chapter of the GMCA has a team of 9 organizers and 200 active members, including both graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. In addition, the association raised over $6000 dollars from university funds to plan and execute 8 professional development events with 313 attendees, including the first student-led business fundamentals workshop series (mini-MBA). Finally GMCA has been able to provide valuable networking opportunities to graduate students by liaising with management consulting firms and other industry professionals, who have volunteered their time to teach or help organize the workshops.

To find out more about the Graduate Management Consulting Association, visit their website.