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Use the quick links below, or read on for details on the registration process and where you can get help.

Course Schedule

Browse or search for courses, build worklists, and register for classes

Registration dates

Get information on when you'll find out your registration date and more

Registration deposits

Find out how to pay your registration or acceptance deposit

Immigration documents

Know what documents are required for international students

Get ready to register

Get your personalized registration date by logging into the Student Service Centre and selecting Registration > Course Schedule > Program. Read more about registration dates

To prevent delays, pay your deposit before your registration date.

If you're new to UBC, your acceptance deposit counts as your first registration deposit. Acceptance deposits are non-refundable. Registration deposits are refundable until you register for a course.

Both acceptance and registration deposits will be applied toward tuition fees assessed after you register. Read more about the acceptance and registration deposits

Program requirements are listed on the Academic Calendar. If you need help with degree requirements or course planning, contact your academic advising office. Read more about academic planning

Find out how to use worklists, navigate the Course Schedule, and register in classes. Watch the videos

Create multiple worklists in case courses are full. Remember that creating a worklist doesn't register you for classes. Watch the video on building a worklist

Make sure to register as early as you can as courses fill up quickly. After you register, you can add or drop classes until the course change deadline. Watch the course registration video

Registration questions

  • For course selection, program requirements, and degree planningcontact your Academic Advising Office.
  • If you have questions about the registration process or your student account, contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP). ESPs are available to help all UBC students.

Making changes to your registration

Adding or dropping courses

After you register you can add and drop courses until the add/drop (course change) deadline. For step-by-step instructions on adding/dropping courses read the quick help section in the course schedule.

Have loans or awards?

To maintain eligibility for awards, bursaries and student loans, you need to meet minimum course load requirements. Make sure you understand these requirements when you register and if you add or drop courses in the future. 

Troubleshooting registration

Common registration issues

If you're having trouble registering, make sure that you:

  • Are eligible to register for the session and meet any required prerequisites
  • Are registering on or after your registration date and time
  • Have paid your registration deposit (continuing students) or acceptance deposit (newly admitted students)
  • Have paid any other outstanding fees

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