Organizing campus events

UBC is a diverse and vibrant community comprised of individuals from many different backgrounds who hold different beliefs and points of view. As a university, UBC is committed to fostering a respectful environment for all and this includes being a place for inclusive events, dialogue, respectful debate and engagement on issues of critical importance to our community and the world.

Planning for inclusive events for a community as diverse as ours can seem like a difficult task, but it is important to keep in mind that the goal is not to plan events that will interest and engage every single member of the community. Rather, the goal of hosting inclusive events is to ensure that in the planning, promotion, and implementation, event organizers consider unintentional barriers that may make some members of our community feel unwelcome. 

As students, faculty and staff at UBC, we have a commitment and responsibility to ensure that we promote and facilitate a respectful environment in all that we do. Community events are a large part of UBC's campus culture and have a significant impact on the experience of community members. Whether they take place on or off campus, these events provide opportunities for community members to interact formally, learn and build lasting social connections. All members of our community should feel welcome and comfortable in taking part in campus events. 

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Request First Aid coverage at your event

Requesting first aid coverage at your event is easy, free, and only takes a moment.

Please make your request 2 weeks prior to the event date. We prioritize higher risk events, such as sporting events and parties. 

Request first aid coverage