Premier Undergraduate & Wesbrook Scholarships

About the scholarships

The Premier Undergraduate Scholarships and Wesbrook Scholars are the University's most prestigious designations, given to senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership, and involvement in student and community activities.

Awards range from 20 Wesbrook Scholar designations worth $1,000 each to renewable scholarships worth $20,000 over two years. Eligible students will be emailed with an invitation to attend an information session in September.

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Eligibility requirements

  • You must demonstrate strong leadership, teamwork skills, and community participation (on or off campus); some awards require an interest or participation in athletics

  • You must have attended UBC Vancouver Campus during the two previous winter sessions (2017/18 and 2018/19) while meeting the registration requirements (see below)

  • You must rank academically in the top 10% of your year level and awarding faculty

  • You are in the third, fourth, or fifth year of a baccalaureate program and are on track to graduate in 2020 or 2021, or

  • You are in any year of the M.D., D.M.D. or J.D. programs, or

  • You are in the first year of a Masters degree program (students in a PhD. program or in dual-degree PhD program are not eligible for this award)

Registration requirements for eligibility

To meet the registration requirements during your current winter session (2019W) and your previous two winter sessions (2017W and 2018W), you were registered in:

  • A minimum of 24 percentage-graded credits during both terms of the winter session; OR

  • A reduced course load due to extenuating circumstances (documentation is required); OR

  • A co-op or education abroad program in one term and 12 percentage-graded credits in the other term of the same winter session; OR

  • An education abroad program or co-op for both terms during a given winter session

Students graduating in May 2020 or students with an approved reduced course load can have their current winter registration requirements waived upon confirmation.

Note: UBC students who were studying abroad during the previous winter session must submit transcripts from the exchange institution with this application (photocopies are acceptable).

For detailed requirements for all awards please see the UBC Regulations Governing University Awards.

How to apply

To apply for the Premier Undergraduate and Wesbrook Scholarships, you must be nominated by your academic faculty or school. All eligible students are automatically considered for nomination. If nominated, your faculty will reach out to you and provide a link to the online application form.

For more information on the required documents for the application, please refer to the document below:


October 15, 2019

Deadline for online application

Eligible students will be provided a link to apply.

Early January 2020

Shortlisted students will be notified.

Late January 2020

Interviews of shortlisted students. 

Award descriptions

The following awards are included in the 2019/20 competition:

C. K. Choi Scholarship

One $10,000 scholarship renewable for a second year based on maintained scholarship standing

Sherwood Lett Memorial Scholarship

One $6,000 scholarship renewable for a second year based on maintained scholarship standing

Carl Bradford Robertson Scholarship

Four $13,750 scholarships

Harry Logan Memorial Scholarship and Harold B. & Nellie Boyes Memorial Scholarship

Two scholarships of $1,900 and $10,400 awarded together, totaling $12,300

Thelma Sharp Cook Scholarship 

One $8,300 scholarship

HSBC Emerging Leader Scholarship

Eight $5,000 scholarships

Amy E. Sauder Scholarship and Jean Craig Smith Scholarship 

Two scholarships of $2,300 and $1,000 awarded together, totaling $3,300

Wesbrook Scholar

20 scholarships of $1000 and the Wesbrook Scholar designation

Martha C. Piper Arts Award in Global Citizenship 

One $1,100 award to an eligible Arts student under the Wesbrook Scholar criteria

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