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International Student Guide

Find everything you need to know about life as an international student at UBC's Vancouver campus.

Need to apply for a document now?

New open work permit holder fee ($100) for post-graduation and spouse/partner work permit applications

As of May 21, post-graduation and spouse/partner work permit applications submitted via MyCIC online should correctly charge BOTH the work permit fee ($155) and the new open work permit holder fee ($100).

If you accidentally paid more than $255 total for your post-graduation or spouse/partner work permit, learn how to request a refund. 

If you applied for a post-graduation or spouse/partner work permit between February 21 and May 20 and have not yet received your permit, please read below.

If CIC requests an open-work permit holder fee (i.e. payment of $100):

  • Follow CIC's instructions to pay the $100 fee
  • If CIC does not provide instructions regarding how to pay the fee, you can:


If CIC requested an open-work permit receipt (i.e. payment of $100) but you submitted the WRONG receipt to CIC (i.e. you submitted your $155 receipt instead of a new $100 receipt) and your work permit application has NOT been rejected:


If you submitted the WRONG receipt to CIC (i.e. you submitted your $155 receipt instead of a new $100) and your work permit application has been rejected:

  • Contact an International Student Advisor for further instructions

What's new

  • Limited advising on May 25, 26 and 27: Time-sensitive cases will be prioritized. Main office staff can help you determine if you need immediate help, if you can get help through another channel, or ask you to come back the following week.
  • May 11 - Processing times for study permits: See if you qualify for urgent processing.
  • NOTICE ABOUT TRAVEL ITINERARY: Many online applications for permits currently request a Travel Itinerary to be uploaded. If you have no upcoming travel plans, you can write and upload a letter explaining that you have no travel plans. This will allow you to complete your application submission.

Events for international students

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If you need help with anything related to life as an international student, contact International Student Development

Talk to an advisor

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, we have International Student Advisors (ISAs) and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) who are available to assist you.

The main office at International House will be closed and International Student Advising will be cancelled on Friday June 5.

They are available for drop-in advising, Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (no appointment necessary).

Email them directly at:

When emailing us

Please include the following information:

In the subject line

  • Your student number

In the email body

  • Your name
  • Your citizenship(s)
  • All permit and visa expiration dates (if applicable)
  • Currently in Canada (YES or NO)
International Student Development
  • International House
    1783 West Mall
    Vancouver,  BC Canada V6T 1Z2