July 7, 2017
3 mins read

10 places of support that will help you thrive at UBC

On a campus filled with so much to explore, we sometimes hear students say, “I wish I knew this existed earlier!”

We’ve compiled a handy list of 10 key places at UBC that provide support to students. Here, you can get help on everything from writing papers, to crafting a resume, to finding balance in your life and studies.

Bookmark this page and keep an eye out for more info about UBC’s student services and supports in the coming months!

1. International House


1783 West Mall

International students: there’s a special space on campus devoted to helping you navigate life as a student from abroad. Visit International House to speak with friendly International Student Advisors. They’re certified to give immigration advice. Plus, they understand the challenges of adjusting to a new country and are here to support your transition to university life in Canada. They created the comprehensive International Student Guide for you, so check it out!

2. Access & Diversity


Brock Hall
1874 East Mall
Room 1203

If you have a disability or an ongoing medical condition, you can visit an Accessibility Advisor at Access & Diversity. They can provide information about academic accommodations, and accessibility on campus. If you’ve received disability-related academic accommodations at a previous institution or school, contact Access & Diversity as soon as possible by calling 604-822-5844.

3. Enrolment Services


Brock Hall
1874 East Mall 
Irving K Barber Learning Centre
1961 East Mall
Room 260

Enrolment Services has 2 advising locations staffed by Enrolment Services Professionals (ESPs) who can help you with a range of quick questions and tasks like picking up a proof of enrolment letter. Don’t forget that as an undergrad, you’re assigned an ESP who can offer personalized support, like helping you create a budget or understand UBC regulations. So connect with your ESP directly if you need in-depth help – you’ll be glad you did!

4. Centre for Student Involvement & Careers


Brock Hall
1874 East Mall
Room 1036

What will you do with your degree? How will you know what you like until you try it? These are  big questions - but there’s a dedicated space on campus staffed with great people who can help you (begin to) answer them! Check out the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers for opportunities, workshops, and resources aimed at helping you grow personally and professionally.

5. Counselling Services


Brock Hall
1874 East Mall
Room 1040 &
Lower Mall Research Station
2259 Lower Mall
Room 358

University is a time of many changes, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. It’s important to take care of yourself and reach out for support when needed. UBC has a variety of resources available to support your mental wellbeing from self-directed tools to workshops, group programs, and individual therapy. To access support visit a Wellness Advisor at Counselling Services for an initial consultation to identify your concerns and determine the level of support that best meets your needs.  

6. Chapman Learning Commons


Irving K Barber Learning Centre
1961 East Mall
Room 300

The Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) is a great place to go for learning tips, tools, and support. It’s a study and collaborative work space, with student staff who can help answer your questions and loan you equipment like tablets, cameras, and headphones. The CLC also has an online space full of learning resources curated by your peers, so go check them out!

7. Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication


Irving K Barber Learning Centre
1961 East Mall
Room 300

University involves a lot of writing, with very specific rules for citing sources that you may have never seen before. Fear not - you’re not alone! Visit the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication for assistance. They’ll help ease some of the headaches of paper writing.

8. Wellness Centre


Irving K Barber Learning Centre
1961 East Mall
Room 183

The Wellness Centre is a friendly, welcoming space for you to ask questions to trained students about mental and physical health topics like safer sex, how to manage stress, eating well, and sleep. Drop in whenever you have questions or need to talk.

9. First Nations Longhouse


1985 West Mall

If you’re an Aboriginal student, visit the First Nations House of Learning team in the beautiful Longhouse. In this supportive and community-oriented space, staff can help you find specific Aboriginal contacts around the university, including tutors, academic and financial advisors, accredited counsellors, and many more.

10. Student Health Service


UBC Hospital
Koerner Pavilion
2211 Wesbrook Mall
Room M334

Visit the doctors and nurses at Student Health if you have a physical health question or concern, or if you need a medical specialist. They can help with everything from a bad cut to vaccinations, contraception (birth control), or psychiatric care.

You matter

Your success, growth, and wellbeing matter - and there are people and places on campus to support you every step of the way. So don’t be shy - reach out! That’s what we’re here for.