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April 4, 2018
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Your exam season resource guide

Exam season is on the horizon – but it doesn’t need to feel ominous.

This might not be your first finals rodeo. But, with all the free resources and support services on campus, it always helps to know where to go for some academic support, stress relief, and study tips.

Check out how you can make the most of UBC’s many resources this exam season.

Managing stress

The UBC Wellness Centre

This time of the year can feel particularly overwhelming – but you don’t have to manage it alone.

Drop by the Wellness Centre in the new UBC Life Building to pick up a Stress Less kit (full of relaxing goodies), or talk to a nurse or Wellness Peer educator about stress management...or anything concerning your health and wellness.

Stress Less for Exam Success

Take a study break and attend a Stress Less event this week to relax or get some study tips. 

Preparing for exams

Chapman Learning Commons

The Chapman Learning Commons, more commonly recognized as the help desk on the third floor of Irving, is more than just a place to borrow a laptop charger. It’s home to the Centre for Writing & Scholarly Communication, tutoring services, and online resources that can help you:

Other online resources to help you prep for exams

There isn’t a universal method to successful studying – but these tips can help you discover your study beat:

Writing support

Centre for Writing & Scholarly Communication

Whether you’re in Arts or Applied Science, you will have to write a paper at one point in your university career. The Centre for Writing & Scholarly Communication provides free writing services for first years to grad students.

You can:

Peer writing consultants at the Centre have also put together some great tips to help you:

Tutoring and coaching

AMS tutoring

Staffed by UBC students, the AMS tutoring team provides free drop-in group tutoring during the school year for first- and second-year subjects like Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Political Science, and Economics.

Drop-in tutoring ends April 5th, but you can inquire about one-on-one appointments at reasonable rates by emailing

Faculty-specific tutoring
  • Science Peer Academic Coaches help science students with study techniques and exam preparation strategies through personalized coaching sessions.

  • Academic Success Coaching provides Sauder students with opportunities to excel both in academics and outside of the classroom.

  • The Math Learning Centre is a space for undergraduate students to study math and seek support from peer tutors.

For other faculty-specific resources, contact your advising office or undergraduate society.

Spaces to study (and crash)

Study spots

Stop spending precious study time trying to find a place to hit the books. 

Commuter Student Hostel

Have an 8:00 am final and a 2-hour commute?

If you don’t have a couch to crash on at UBC, the Commuter Student Hostel provides overnight accommodations on campus for just $35 a night. You can check availability online and reserve a spot.

Don’t forget how far you’ve come

The end of the term doesn’t only mark the dawn of exams, but a year of achievements – even if you don’t think it.

You’ve spent the last 7 months juggling priorities, facing challenges, and learning to overcome them – all while maintaining a social life and an adequate amount of sleep. You should be proud of how far you’ve come.

As you’re preparing for exams, don’t forget to take care of yourself too – fit in time to do one thing a day that brings you joy. Happy studying!