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Participant students of a UBC club

Club Spotlights

UBC has a club for everyone—no matter your interests, background, or goals. Which community will you join?

Students talking outside of a building

Emotional Intelligence 101

An exploration of how you can be a caring friend, citizen, and leader—because practising compassion is also part of student life.

A student somewhere abroad facing a mountain

Going Global

With UBC Go Global, there are a ton of ways to travel the world, experience new places, and get out of your comfort zone.

Timber Wave, a wood sculpture

Hidden in Plain Sight

Art is all around us at UBC. It’s just a matter of taking notice.

How to adult series page header

How to Adult

Teaching you everything you need to (and supposedly should) know about adulting from an expert team of UBC almost-adults.

Reconciliation Pole

Indigenous Art Series

A closer look at some of UBC’s beautiful Indigenous art.

Life after UBC series header

Life after UBC

Thinking about life after UBC can be daunting—this series will show just how many options you have once you walk across the graduation stage!

Money Sense series header

Money Sen$e

Money can be tough to talk about—with Money Sen$e, we’re bringing you real world advice to help you with your money woes.  

Student using a laptop

Navigating Online Learning

Discover strategies for adapting to this new landscape of learning, getting support, and staying well.

Chem prof working at board

Prof Portraits

They deliver rousing lectures and conduct brilliant research, but when it comes down to it, profs are regular people, too!

A cup of coffee

Snacks of UBC

Taking you on a tour of some of the scrumptious snack offerings of campus.

The Graduate's Guide to the Galaxy

The Graduate's Guide to the Galaxy

You get to write your own story now, but we’re still here to help you find your path after graduation. 

A student looking out a window

The Introvert's Guide

Not into crowds, noise, or talking to strangers? Learn to make the most of UBC—your way.

A student is using a Compass card on the bus

The UBC Life Commuter Guide

Your go-to guide for all things commuter student life.

The UBC Life Residence Guide

The UBC Life Residence Guide

Your go-to guide for all things residence life.