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Participant students of a UBC club

Club Spotlights

UBC has a club for everyone—no matter your interests, background, or goals. Which community will you join?

A student somewhere abroad facing a mountain

Going Global

With UBC Go Global, there are a ton of ways to travel the world, experience new places, and get out of your comfort zone.

Timber Wave, a wood sculpture

Hidden in Plain Sight

Art is all around us at UBC. It’s just a matter of taking notice.

A student with an iphone and calendar, planning a schedule

How to Adult

Teaching you everything you need to (and supposedly should) know about adulting from an expert team of UBC almost-adults.

Reconciliation Pole

Indigenous Art Series

A closer look at some of UBC’s beautiful Indigenous art.

Stack of coins

Money Sen$e

Money can be tough to talk about—with Money Sen$e, we’re bringing you real world advice to help you with your money woes.  

A cup of coffee

Snacks of UBC

Taking you on a tour of some of the scrumptious snack offerings of campus.

A student looking out a window

The Introvert's Guide

Not into crowds, noise, or talking to strangers? Learn to make the most of UBC—your way.

A student is using a Compass card on the bus

The UBC Life Commuter Guide

Your go-to guide for all things commuter student life.

A student is sitting on a bed in a residence room

The UBC Life Residence Guide

Your go-to guide for all things residence life.