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The Global Lounge is a space for student-led global, intercultural, and social justice initiatives, sharing new ideas, making new friends, or finding support for events or initiatives of your own.

The Global Lounge has really had a huge impact on the Africa Awareness Initiative this year. It's provided a physical space for us, our events and has given us the resources to make a lot of our events successful. The Global Lounge has impacted me personally too because it is a place for me to meet people who care about the world and what happens in it. I had the opportunity to learn about world events, making me a better global citizen.


Whether it's finding a venue, reaching a contact, or learning about avenues for funding, the Global Lounge responds to my inquiries with flexibility, openness, and a sincere interest in making things possible

Tarini, WUSC

Structure of the Global Lounge Network

Clubs and organizations that comprise the Global Lounge network are separated into committees, each of which are responsible for informing a particular aspect of Global Lounge programming. 

Global Lounge committees

International Development Committee

  • Plan and execute the annual International Development Week, hosted during the first week of February

  • Creatively build community and encourage learning and dialogue on critical perspectives on international development

Sustainability Committee


  • Work collaboratively with other clubs to plan and host events surrounding sustainability
  • Creatively build community and encourage learning and dialogue on sustainable practices or activities

Anti-racism Committee


  • Work collaboratively with other clubs/organizations to plan and host events surrounding anti-racism 
  • Creatively build community and encourage learning and dialogue for racial justice

Membership requirements

Making a positive impact is often hard to do alone. The Global Lounge offers your organization resources, and an opportunity to collaborate with others through events and initiatives.

Global Lounge Network membership requirements

  • Nominate one representative—a Global Lounge Representative—to attend Network meetings and be a part of a Global Lounge Network advisory committee. The Global Lounge Representative should be part of your club’s executive to act as a liaison between your club and the Global Lounge.
  • Global Lounge Representative and club or organization presidents must complete the Global Lounge Orientation requirements (online orientation modules and in-person component).
  • Attend monthly advisory meetings for one of the 3 committees to inform the Global Lounge’s programming: Anti-Racism, International Development or Sustainability.
  • Acknowledge Global Lounge membership in any publications or advertising materials.
  • Actively provide feedback and assessment to improve Global Lounge programs and operations

President and Global Lounge Representative responsibilities

Complete the asynchronous and synchronous components to the Global Lounge Orientation by the end of September, meaning you must complete both the online and in-person portions.

The asynchronous online components will be provided in the beginning of September. The synchronous component—the in-person orientation—will take place in late September. Dates and times will be announced to network members.

Training includes:

  • Opportunity to connect with all other members

  • Find out about Global Lounge  – the what, when, where, why and who

  • Find out about expectations and event calendar for the year

  • Improve teamwork and leadership skills

Membership Benefits

  • Connection to community and a network of like-minded student leaders

  • Access to the Global Lounge space and booking priority

  • Access to Global Lounge communications and marketing channels through our social media and newsletter to further your clubs outreach and promotion

  • Resume building experience and access to a reference and/or letter of experience from the Program Advisor, if  you are an active network member

  • Priority access to the Global Fund to fund your club or personal initiatives

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