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Chapman & Innovation Grants

Funding for larger community projects

About The Grant

The Chapman Grant and the Innovation Grant are two distinct grants housed within the Centre for Community Engaged Learning. TREK and Reading Week students are eligible for both the Chapman Grant and the Innovation Grant. All other UBC undergraduate and graduate students (except doctoral) are eligible for the Innovation Grant. A single application is utilized to adjudicate both grants for all applicants.

Up-to $10,000 is available for each project and 6-10 projects are funded each year.  Students do not need to apply for the full amount if another amount is more appropriate for their project needs. Projects should be completed no later then August 31st, 2018. 

Both the Chapman and Innovation grants are designed to help students work with a community partner to help implement meaningful social change in their local communities. We encourage students and community partners to be innovative in their thinking and to test new ideas without the fear of failing. In fact, the Chapman and Innovation grants are specifically designed to help students and community partners think imaginatively, constructively and to push boundaries - without concern for everything going right - as we believe the best learning often comes from simply trying.

What The Grant Can Fund

Projects that include off-campus activities, workshops, community-meetings, initiatives, community events, forums, educational, health, environmental or cultural-based projects.

Projects with a Community-Partner who is a registered charity, society, cooperative, non-profit or public sector, community organization, First Nation, school, municipal, federal or provincial government office.

Check out past grant winners for more ideas! 

Applying for the Grant

Interested in applying for a grant or curious to learn more? Contact us to book an advising session with our staff to nuance your impact project idea.

To apply for the grant, follow this link to our online application form

Please download and review the application package before you bring your application, however, please note that the application MUST be submitted electronically through the link above.

Additional documents to download - Chapman & Innovation Grant ToolkitBudget Template

Important Grant Dates

Application Deadline N/A until next round
Winners Announced N/A until next round

Past grant winners

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