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Connect to Community Grant

About the grant

The Connect to Community Grant (C2C) offers UBC undergraduate and master's degree students the opportunity to create and implement a meaningful project in partnership with a local not-for-profit community organization. Designed as an accessible introduction to the grants experience, the C2C grant strives to be a dynamic learning opportunity. It challenges students to learn from the onset of the application through to project completion, without the fear of failing. We encourage students and community partners to test new ideas. Applicants can request funds between $200 and $1500 for their proposed project which must be completed within 4 months of receiving funds.

What the grant can fund

Examples of how you can use the funding include:

  • Build on a project that you were involved in as part of a course-based, Trek, or Reading Week placement or with a community organization you are already connected to

  • Develop and host workshops in the community based on community interests and needs

  • Support an existing community directed initiative, such as a communications campaign, program for a particular community group, or an event

  • Check out past grant winners for more ideas! 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all project proposals must follow UBC and BC Government public safety protocols. For more information, visit UBC's Covid-19 Health Guidance page.

Funds can cover the cost of materials, printing costs, space rentals, snacks, and other relevant project needs.  

Applying for the Grant

Interested in applying for a grant or curious to learn more? Email the Centre for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) at community.learning@ubc.ca to book an advising session with our staff to brainstorm your impact project idea.

Before you fill out the application form, these documents will support the completion and success of your application:

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Application timelines

Fall applications

September 8, 2020 Application opens
October 30, 2020

Application closes

Early December, 2020 Winner announced

Winter applications

November 9, 2020 Application opens
January 29, 2021 Application closes
Mid-March, 2021 Winner announced

Past grant winners

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