Academic supports

UBC has a range of supports to help you plan your academic requirements, take care of your finances, and get support when you need it.

Academic advising

Enrolment Services Advisors

All undergraduate students registered in a degree program on UBC's Vancouver campus have been assigned an Enrolment Services Advisor who can give financial advice and help you take care of the basics like paying tuition, requesting a transcript, or changing your program. 

Personalized support

Your Enrolment Services Advisor supports you throughout your entire time at UBC. From the start of your degree, up until you graduate, your advisor can help you with things like tuition, course registration and financial planning. They can also guide you through UBC regulations and processes to make sure you get the resources you need, when you need them. 

Your Enrolment Services Advisor can help you with things like:

  • Tuition fee inquiries
  • Admission and readmission inquiries
  • Financial planning
  • Financial support options
  • Program change inquiries
  • Confirmation of enrolment

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Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions are informal study sessions led by a senior student who specializes in your area of study. Multiple sessions are held every week, and the content is directly related to what you're learning in your course at the time.

PASS will help you develop deeper knowledge of course content and practice effective, discipline-specific study strategies. Sessions are typically based on the previous week’s lecture material but is flexible based on what you find most challenging. PASS is offered for some faculties/schools, please check with your Faculty/School Advising office to find out if it is offered for your program.

Academic accommodations

Academic accommodations help students with a disability or ongoing medical condition overcome challenges that may affect their academic success. Some examples of accommodations are:

  • Alternate format for print materials
  • Extended time on exams.
  • Classroom captioning

Find out more about the types of academic accommodations available.

Academic concessions

Academic concessions are generally granted when students are facing either:

  • Conflicting responsibilities such as religious observances, military duty, or conferences
  • Unforeseen events, such as a mental or physical health issue or family emergency

Find out more about academic concessions.

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