Improve your study skills

From coaching and learning assessments to videos and workshops, UBC offers a range of services and supports to help develop your personal study skills. Whether you are in the thick of exam preparation or just want to improve your time management, UBC has resources to help you.

Learning self-assessment

Find study spaces

If you don't already have a favourite study space on the campus, check out this list of some of the best study spaces UBC has to offer. The guide also includes sublists of study spaces with food, dedicated group study spaces, and silent study spaces.

Time management

Are you a procrastinator? Feel like you are wasting too much time online? Tired of all-nighters? The UBC Learning Commons has tools to help you better manage your time. It's easier than you think! You can try using this assignment calculator - a time management tool that breaks down assignments into a series of manageable steps (and helpful tips) based on the specific due date of your assignment. 

Peer coaching

Take advantage of what other UBC students have learned before you. UBC's Chapman Learning Commons offers free peer academic coaching to all UBC students. Different from tutors, coaches can help you with 'soft' skills like studying, note taking, assignment planning, and exam preparation.