Loans for part-time students

Part-time fund is best for students who:

  • Need support for educational expenses like tuition, books, and transportation
  • Have to pay for child care while attending school
  • Have permanent disabilities (Students with 40-59% of a full course load and have permanent disability status qualify for full-time loans).

Part-time funding does not cover living costs. If you need additional financial support for living costs, please contact Enrolment Services Advisors to discuss your financial plan.

Part-time eligibility

To determine whether you are a part-time student, check the Course Load Guide. If you are registered in 20-59% of the full-time load listed for your program, you are considered a part-time student.

Please note that not all programs are eligible for part-time funding. You must be in a program approved for full-time student loans. Contact Enrolment Services to check if your program is approved.

How to apply

Before you apply

Residents of BC, Alberta, and Ontario apply through their individual province. Residents of all other provinces and territories apply through National Student Loans. Your province of residence is typically the province where you lived before attending UBC, depending on whether you are a dependent or an independent student. 

Start your application

  1. Download the appropriate application form based on your home province or territory. For example, if your home province is BC, then you would download the application form from StudentAid BC. If your home province is not BC, Alberta, or Ontario, find the form on the National Student Loans website.
  2. Fill out your form and submit it to Enrolment Services in person.
  3. You will receive an assessment from the loan provider detailing what kind of funding you'll receive and when you'll receive it.
  4. Your funding will be sent to you by direct deposit after your enrolment has been confirmed by UBC.

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