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August 6, 2018
2 mins read

How to earn extra cash at UBC

If you have some flex time between classes, there are many ways to earn money as a UBC student.

Part-time jobs on campus

University is a great time to explore your curiosities and interests while also getting paid for it! There is value in every experience, even if it's a short-term, part-time job.

Many places on campus hire student staff regularly—apply for school-year positions in August, or summer jobs in May.

Are you an international student?

You can work on campus if you have the right conditions on your study permit. Learn about working in Canada or contact International Student Advising if you’re unsure of your eligibility.

  • CareersOnline

    This is the #1 job board for UBC students and alumni. Browse online and apply to positions on- or off-campus.
  • Access & Diversity 

    By taking good notes and sending them to a classmate with a disability, you could get $337 per 3-credit course. At the start of term, notetakers are recruited via class email for certain courses.

    As a student assistant, you can also help a student with a disability with certain tasks, like navigating campus or retrieving and photocopying library materials.
  • UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS)

    Many AMS positions, generally based in the Nest, are available year-round, including kitchen helpers, event coordinators, and more.
  • UBC Recreation

    If you like sports or recreational activities, UBC Recreation hires for coaches, instructors, lifeguards, front desk staff, and more.
  • Work Learn

    Develop valuable work skills as a student employee at UBC.

    Work 10 hours/week during the school year, or 20 hours/week in summer. Work hours are flexible and can be completed between classes. Hourly rates start at $16.

    Positions are open to all students, but applications can be quite competitive. Apply early!

Unique ways to earn cash

Don’t have enough time to get a part-time job? There are other ways to make money on campus.

  • Be a research participant

    Get cash or gift cards by participating in research studies. Each session is typically an hour long, great if you have long breaks between classes.
  • Sell your textbooks

    Instead of hoarding textbooks you may never read again, consider selling them:
    • UBC Bookstore Buyback
      When a term ends, the Bookstore buys used books. Enter the ISBN number online to check the resale price, and look for “Buyback” stations at the Bookstore.
    • Discount Textbooks
      They also buy used books at the end of the term. Check the value of your books at their location.
    • Selling on Facebook
      You might get more of your money’s worth by selling on Facebook. Join the UBC Textbooks 4 Sale group, and post an appealing picture of your book.
  • Deliver food with Uber Eats

    Bring food to hungry students on campus with Uber Eats and get paid weekly. Want to exercise more? Deliver food by biking. You must be a least 21 years old.

Whether it’s a one-off opportunity or a part-time job, try something new or explore your interests while getting that extra dollar!