July 22, 2020
2 mins read

How to earn extra cash at UBC

Even with Winter Term 1 being primarily online, there are many ways to earn money as a UBC student.

Explore UBC jobs

University is a great time to explore your curiosities and interests while also getting paid for it! Take advantage of the diverse opportunities UBC has to offer during your degree.

International Students: You can work at UBC if you meet the conditions to work in Canada.

Work Learn program

UBC offers part-time student jobs—10 hours/week for the Winter term (Sep to Apr), 20 hours/week for the Summer one (May to Aug)—where you can develop your professional skills and expand your network while taking courses. These positions offer flexible work hours that fit your timetable.

Hourly rates begin at $15, and applications open Aug 4 for Winter term positions.

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Other on-campus jobs

Many places at UBC hire student staff regularly, including Food Services, the Alma Mater Society (AMS), and the UBC Bookstore. During this time, a number of them are offering students the opportunity to work online. Make sure to check the requirements for working before applying.

Example jobs (starting from hourly rates of $14):

  • Notetaker in your class for a student with a disability
  • AMS Food Bank coordinator
  • UBC Recreation marketing or graphic design staff
  • Communications assistant for UBC units
  • Alumni Call Centre assistant

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Be a research participant

Get cash or gift cards by participating in UBC research studies. A session is typically an hour—which is great if you have long breaks between classes. Some studies are being offered online during this time.

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Sell your textbooks

Instead of hoarding textbooks you may never read again, consider selling your books directly to other students through the UBC Textbook Exchange Facebook group.

Whether it’s a one-off opportunity or a part-time job, try something new or explore your interests while getting that extra dollar!